Lost In His Big Blue Eyes

Kate was just an 11 year old when it happened. Both her parents were at work when 4 armed men entered their building. Unaware of the situation both adults thought everything fine. Until both of their lives were ended in a flash. Now, 2 years later Kate's used to be babysitter (now her legal guardian) was hauling her off to a boarding school up in North Carolina. Surprise awaits her as she finds herself stuck in a sticky situation with the one and only, Hayes Grier.


1. Packing

Julia's P.O.V

        My mind begins to drift somewhere else as I'm in the middle of packing for my dreadfully awaited trip to North Carolina. I know so many painful memories are located in this three story mansion, but I don't want to leave it. Most would be jealous of how much money I have inherited from my belated parents. But I would trade everything in a heartbeat to have them back. I know not having them physically around isn't much different when they were alive, but it feels weird. It's been two years and the memories of the phone call I received the day of their death still feels like it could've happened yesterday. On March 25 2012, my parents were shot down by four armed men in their office building.


        All of a sudden I hear a knock at my bedroom door and I snap out of my trance. I slowly get off of my carpeted floors and walk across my decently large room. To most my room would be a blessing, so comfortable and welcoming. For me all it brings are memories. Memories and pain. So I guess I was sightly happy to be leaving this death hole. The walls of my room were tinted a slight peachy orange color. Towards the front are two dressers full of clothes, and in the middle of them a flat screen TV. My bed is located against the outer wall, where I have a perfect view through my window. My bed consists of champaign colored sheets, with white and orange pillows. On the opposite side are two sliding doors holding a barren land where clothes would be stored. In other words my closet. My whole closet is filled with mostly toms and vans, but I have a little bit of a mix in between. 


        Three of the four walls in my room are covered with pictures of my parents, my favorite singers, quotes, pictures of friends, the usual cheesy stuff one is required to place on their wall. Located right next to my bed is a small desk used for homework that I never seem to do. On top of the desk lays my Mac Book and my iPhone. While looking in the direction of my phone, all of a sudden a text pops up. Followed by a few more. Than followed by hundreds. All from people who had made a decision to pretend I never existed. I rolled my eyes and proceeded to open my door. There in the frame stood Nina. Obviously it was her, who else would be here. Nina was honestly the only person I felt close to. Of course I had friends at school, but they seemed more distant after the incident, "Want any dinner before you leave?" She asks. I give her a warm smile,


        "No thanks, I think I'll eat on the plane," I replied. I had to fly from Los Angeles to somewhere in North Carolina. Guess I never bothered to ask where,


        "Are you sure?" She questions with a worried look,


        "Don't worry, I'll be fine." I assure her. She raises her eyebrow slightly, but then decides to give up. She closes the door behind her and begins to walk off. I turn my head towards my mostly empty suitcases and sigh. I return to my previous spot on the floor, and start filling my clothes into the bags. Most of the clothing I packed was for Spring, seeing as we get to return home for the weekend every month. I pack a few short, some jeans (you never know), quite a lot of high waisted shorts, and then continue to shirts.


        Mostly I pack shirts you would find a Tumblr girl wearing, but I guess that was my so called "fashion". I pack a lot of t-shirts, mostly with cute sayings on them, some tank tops, and a few blouses. My next suitcase was only for shoes. I pick up my favorite pair of vans (High rise soles with a floral pattern on them), I also pack my galaxy vans, my plain black ones, and my red ones. I pick up my almost 100 pair of toms and contemplate which to bring. I end up picking my floral pink tennis ones, my normal blue ones, and grey wedges. I pack an average pair of black and white high top converses, and a few other shoes, saving the boring details. 

Hayes' P.O.V


        I'm staring blankly at the empty duffle bag in front of me. I always seem to find the easiest tasks annoying and hard. I grudgingly stand up from my hard wood floor, and examine my navy blue room, trying to waste time. All of a sudden I hear the door swing open and my tall Brother, Nash, runs in. He tackles me onto my fluffy dark blue (almost black) sheets. We break into a sudden wrestling match, which is interrupted by my mom walking in carrying the laundry basket. She glares at Nash and I and we awkwardly loose each other's embrace. She calmly walks over and places the basket on the ground, "Nash, why do you feel the need to distract Hayes?" She says, sounding slightly annoyed,


        " Moooooom, my little brother is going away and I don't even get to beat him up before he leaves?" Nash replies, pretending to be upset. My mom rolls her eyes and walks out of the room. After a minute of silence Nash bounces up from the bed and utters the strangest words, "See yah lates, lil' bro." With that he walks out of the room leaving me alone. I slowly stood up and walked next to my bag. 



Hey there. So I decided I would do an authors update after each chapter. Anyways, I know this chapter was slightly boring. I felt like introducing the characters. Anyways, if you read it all the way through. Hope you liked it! Is it weird that I wrote this while listening to Rap God by Eminem. No, completely normal. Anyways, I'm going to write the next chapter, 'cause I feel like it. Welcome to my movella. xoxo





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