Lost In His Big Blue Eyes

Kate was just an 11 year old when it happened. Both her parents were at work when 4 armed men entered their building. Unaware of the situation both adults thought everything fine. Until both of their lives were ended in a flash. Now, 2 years later Kate's used to be babysitter (now her legal guardian) was hauling her off to a boarding school up in North Carolina. Surprise awaits her as she finds herself stuck in a sticky situation with the one and only, Hayes Grier.


4. Java Monkey

Hayes' P.O.V


        We finally reached a small one story building with a sign that read "Java Monkey" on the side and Julia lead the way inside, all of our cheeks stained pink from the cold. She asked us what we wanted and all I wanted was a small hot chocolate and a ham and cheese on rye. We sat at a small 4 chair table and Julia sat next to me while Holden sat across from us. We pretty much spent the whole time talking about each other. Mostly Holden and I gawked at her. 


        When we finally reached the dorm it was only 7:00 pm, but I climbed into the bottom bunk of the bed and passed out. 


Julia's P.O.V


       I walked over and sat quietly onto my sheets trying not to wake Hayes up. For some reason I averted Holden's eyes and looked everywhere else in the room. He slowly started to approach me. Half of me wished he would turn around and get into his bunk, but the other half wanted him to be near. He sat down directly to the right of me and looked into my eyes without hesitation. I could feel my already tomato colored cheeks burn and I tried to look away, but I stopped myself. No words were spoken but he started to lean into me. I didn't lean into him, but I also didn't lean away. Now are lips were less than an inch away, and are foreheads were lightly touching each other. 


Team Hayes or Team Holden?

I'm writing this at 1 am because I have a really busy weekend, so it's slightly shorter than normal, but I hope you enjoyed 


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