Devil Children

When Arriane wakes up with no clue about who she is or where she is it's hard to trust anyone. But when she meets Drake, a boy who woke up with no clue just like her only two years before, her whole life is turned upside down. When she learns who did this to her and how to stop it, what will she do? Stand by and let them get away with it, or get their revenge and turn both of their lives back to normal?
~~Arriane Blackburn's P.O.V written by Charred-Within~~
~~Drake Bough's P.O.V written by shaving monkeys sparrow~~


2. Drake Bough

Have you ever wondered what it's like to wake up one day to find yourself with nothing? No home, no memory, nothing? Well, I remember the dreadful day when this happened to me, two yeas ago on the 4th May 2012. It was horrific; I had nowhere to go and no-one but myself to rely on for help. And with no memory, it wasn't easy to survive; imagine trying to remember simple things like how to tie your shoelaces and how to cook a simple meal like cheese on toast. But now I have a new life, a new family... a new home. And those simple things have come back to me. Not that I need to know them now. But I still don't remember the important things, like my family. Did I have a brother? Or a sister? Did I still have parents, if any to start with? Where was I born, what did I used to look like? Or have I always been a monster?

Let me explain that last question. I'm not sure what I am, but I'm sure it's not normal. When I walk, I do it at the speed of running. And when I run, I do it at the speed of a leopard. It seems so...natural, but how can it be when it doesn't look possible from my lanky complexion? I am very thin and my skin is a creamy white, like the moon. My fingers are elongated and my fingernails are razor sharp. Is this normal? I'm not sure. My eyes are a swirling whirlpool of blues as deep as the ocean's. I can hypnotise anything in a heartbeat. All I require to do so is eye contact, and this isn't hard to achieve. When I'm feeding, my eyes change to a startling ruby red, so harsh that I can see the glow in my vision. But...when I look into the faces of animals, I notice that their eyes are simply one colour that doesn't swirl or change at all. Does this mean I'm not normal? Am I the monster that I feared, and fear, I am? My k-nines are long and white. I use these for hunting. I think this is the only thing that makes me normal, for the most powerful animals have these too. That means I'm not too different. Right?

I used to hunt rabbits and mice and other small rodents. This was before I met...him. The man with no name. The man who claimed he knew about my past life, the life I have no recollection of, but he refused to share anything with me. I can tell that whatever creature he is, he is the same creature as me. I know this because his eyes are red, too, although his are permanently red. And he has fangs that are identical to mine. His skin is just as pale, and he hunts at night. Because he either has no name or is refusing to tell me what it is, we decided that I could call him 'Ignotus', which is Latin for 'unknown'. You see, I know so little about him; if I dare to ask him a question about his past life, he either ignores my very existence or becomes a very violent person. We hardly talk, even though he was the man that practically adopted me and taught me how to hunt, how to live, how to survive in this crude and secretive world. He is like a father to me and it is thanks to him that I can survive out here.

Ignotus taught me not only how to hunt animals like deer and boar, but also what he calls humans. It strikes me as strange that humans are a different race altogether as they look so similar to us. They have the same body, although their skin isn't white. Their teeth are the same apart from the k-nines. Their eyes don't swirl or change colour, admittedly, but their skulls are shaped identically to Ignotus' and mine.

Sometimes I think I'm human, but I can't be because I can run so much faster than humans. When I was first taught to hunt them, I actually thought that we were the same race. I was surprised when it only took me a mere fifteen seconds to capture the running and screaming human, place my fangs into their neck and drink their blood, proving that we couldn't be the same. Ignotus has warned me, however - and warned me correctly - only to hunt humans at night, for not only can we run without being detected, but we can easily disorientate them, making it much easier to suck their blood without them attracting attention.

Oh, that's another thing - Ignotus has told me that our race aren't invincible. If we attract too much human attention, they will hunt us down and we will become the prey. Not them. Us. Because apparently, humans have weapons called guns and knife. Although Ignotus says they can't kill us with those, only harm us. But they have things called stakes that, if they found out what we were - like I, too, would like to find out what we are - they would stab us with them, which would, unfortunately, kill us. Which is why we have to be careful when feeding on humans.


This isn't all I've been through. I remember the dreadful day when I was feeding off a young male human and I had to make a break for it when a group of adult humans approached. The dreadful day when I met that girl on the skyscraper. I had to actually climb the skyscraper - some kind of human burrow above ground, don't ask me what - to escape discovery by these humans, and it was only the extraordinary strength that my muscles possessed that allowed me to reach the top. I climbed onto the roof, dizzyingly high up, and was just starting to freak out at the amount of strange little lights in the city - some kind of huge human settlement space, again don't ask me - when I saw her lying on the roof. I walked over to her, thinking she was dead, but... she woke up.

Thinking she was human, I was about to feed off her, but as soon as I looked into her eyes, I knew she wasn't human. It turned out she was like me when I woke up two years ago, clueless to who and what I was.

She was feisty. Scared, but feisty. She told me her name, Arriane Blackburn, so I told her mine, Drake Bough.

Her strength surprised me - shocked me, even. She tried to push me away as I helped her to her feet. She knew nothing of her past, just like I didn't, and this attracted me to her; she was the same as me, right? So what was I to miss? I could be the one to help her through this. I could be the one to help her get through what Ignotus helped me get through these past years.

She told me that she was going to leave and fend for herself, but with no knowledge of the crude world, I couldn't let her go off without anyone. So I showed her my strength, too, showed her the tiniest bits of my knowledge. Only then did she seem to accept me. Only then did she decide to follow my lead. She could have been taking advantage of me, but whatever it was, I'm glad that she accepted my help.

So I took her with me to meet Ignotus, and at first he was frightened of what I had done. But when he realised that she wasn't human, that she was in fact like us, he was furious. Even to this day I don't understand why; I thought that he would want to look after her with me, like he had looked after me, but he spat in my face and told me that I had a choice - stay with him, or go with her. I knew that despite him saying this, I had no choice. I couldn't just leave Ignotus after all he'd done for me.

I turned and walked away from Arriane, refusing to look into her eyes and tell her that I was going.

"Please," I remember her whispering, her small voice soft and frightened. My heart wrenched at this, and I felt a feeling that I had never experienced before; pity. Suddenly I made up my mind. I couldn't leave her to die alone, not when she was just as helpless as I had been. So I turned away from Ignotus, a terrible feeling of guilt heavy in my heart, and started my life with Arriane. Again, my new life, with a new family, in a new home. But this time, I was going to be the teacher.

We went back to that skyscraper because it was the only place that she was comfortable staying - and also because it was close to the humans but safely out of their reach on a roof where they would never tread. She keeps getting toothache, but I am helping her get used to things like this because I went through the same things.

We were two monsters trying to find their way in the big wide world. And that's how our story together began. The devil children.

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