Devil Children

When Arriane wakes up with no clue about who she is or where she is it's hard to trust anyone. But when she meets Drake, a boy who woke up with no clue just like her only two years before, her whole life is turned upside down. When she learns who did this to her and how to stop it, what will she do? Stand by and let them get away with it, or get their revenge and turn both of their lives back to normal?
~~Arriane Blackburn's P.O.V written by Charred-Within~~
~~Drake Bough's P.O.V written by shaving monkeys sparrow~~


1. Arriane Blackburn

I sometimes wonder what my past must have been like. It would be easier to get on with life if I could remember. But all that I do remember is my name, Arriane Blackburn. I sometimes think what would have happened if I had never woke up. On the roof. Of that skyscraper. I wish I knew what had happened before that moment. Before I met him. 


I know what I look like as well. I have long red hair that I like to keep in a high ponytail because it keeps it out of the way. I also have bright green eyes, a bit of a weird match, and freckles. I would guess I was fifteen or sixteen but I don't know for sure since as I don't recall ever having a birthday. I don't know who my parents are but I vaguely remember having a little brother, though what his name is I have no idea. I am about 5ft 6, maybe 5ft 7, and I am really skinny. I suppose you could say I'm too skinny, but it depends on how you view me.


But him. I don't fancy him, or think he is even remotely cute. But he has one of those faces that you can't turn away from. When I first met him, he was quite harsh, but he had the kind of eyes that make you feel calm and relaxed. He is the kind of person that you want to have around you in times of danger. So that is why he can stay. Because in a world where you can't remember anything but your name, you need someone like that around. It doesn't take a genius to know that.


There is something else that is strange as well. Me. I sometimes get these weird toothaches that don't go away until I have eaten. And yesterday I had this weird craving to jump of the building. But he said it was fine, so I will carry on the way I am. I suppose it is strange that he knows so much when I don't, but I will question him about that later, for now I will just follow his lead.

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