The Old Republic

In the years that i have served as a clone for the republic that's when coruscant that's when i jacked an imperial destroyer and i decided to become a bounty hunter up for hire to both sides i did not want any part of this war because i do not take sides.


3. Chapter 3: My Army of Bounty Hunters

As the transport approached the abandon Sith Destroyer that's when i recognized the ship as my first ship that i built with the engineers because i needed to house millions a clones and this was one of my biggest ship that i built with the engineers during the Clone Wars.

Flash Back to theCloneWars


That's when i flew to Mos Espa that's when i met Shae she was the prettiest girl that i saw so i was actually interested in her yet she held a gun and shot one of my guards that's when we pursed her and then we were ambushed i saw Shae taking fire from the Droids that's when i carried her to safety yet i was shot in the ankle which did not hurt as much because the medic came and told me that i need to get out of here before my foot is shot off completely but i did not listen i got back up and decided to fight until i die but it did not happen because shae saved my life and ever since that day at Mos Espa that's when she kissed me and ever since then we have been together since that battle.

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