The Old Republic

In the years that i have served as a clone for the republic that's when coruscant that's when i jacked an imperial destroyer and i decided to become a bounty hunter up for hire to both sides i did not want any part of this war because i do not take sides.


2. Chapter 2: My Life after the Clone Wars

After the clone wars ended i became a Bounty Hunter and then i worked for the sith because they paid more in credits and in gold also i work for the republic. As the sith regime came to an end i retook me place at head of the guard at the Jedi Temple plus i had my own room as years of peace passed that's when the Sith attacked with a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter and it turned out to be Shae Vizla my girlfriend once i pinned her against the wall that's when i realized i loved her and she loved me because she removed her helmet so that i could kiss her on the mouth and she looked so beautiful that's when she snuck me into a sith transport ship and once i got on board an abandon Sith Destroyer i decided to hi jack the ship and flee and recruit the Havoc Squad so that we could have a fighting chance but once i got to Alderaan they were go so i decided to recruit Bounty Hunters because we know all the sith's retouine's and who they worked so we took the Sith destroyer to mos eisley so that we could paint the ship and we all chipped in to pay for the new paint jod and Armor that we needed for a battle against the Sith so we all decided on Red and Black because we can call our self's "The 101st Airborne" because i have improvised our jet packs to withstand us jumping out at 1,000 feet and then flying into battle and start using our guns then i got a halo cron message from Shae saying "If i made out okay because she has not heard from me since i hailed her  from Alderaan that's when i realized that she does care but i can not be reckless at this time because i would give my army up to the sith but i need more Sith Destroyers in order to have a chance against the Sith Navy.

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