The Old Republic

In the years that i have served as a clone for the republic that's when coruscant that's when i jacked an imperial destroyer and i decided to become a bounty hunter up for hire to both sides i did not want any part of this war because i do not take sides.


1. Chapter 1: My Life as a Clone

In the years stationed at Kamino before i was stationed at Coruscant the Kaminoans needed my help because i was the only clone to score higher than the rest so they decided that i should be in charge of training the new recruits that are going to be in the war amongst the Jedi but they say i am to valuable to be put in the war so i just stood until Master Obi-Wan Kenobi came and asked the Kaminoans about the army that's when Obi-Wan became Suspicious because they did not want a clone army but he wanted to know who's Dna are they using to make the clone's that's when i came walking in and Obi-Wan looked surprised because he was caught off guard cause he was looking at the massive Clone Army that was marching around the base. While i walked in i heard my troops halt as i began to approach where i am about to talk to my troops that's when Glen introduced me to Master Kenobi i bowed and said to him "how do you like your clone army Master Kenobi", he then responded by saying "These clone are simply remarkable", i just smiled and that's when he said "That i should come to Coruscant with him so that i can be in command of my army", as we departed from Kamino we made course for Coruscant and once we reached our destination i saw the Jedi Temple it is magnificent here i met Commander Cody who serves under the command of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Once i entered the Temple i thought it was a scared place because all of my ancestor's on my mom's side where jedi's and i was the one that came out to be a commander for the Clone army. As i started my training the jedi noticed that i can move objects with my mind by using the force and they all said in unison "He has great power and he could bring balance between the Jedi and the Sith Lords", as i passed the training at the jedi temple where you become a Clone Trooper but instead i became head of the guard at the jedi temple plus i also carried two Light sabers One was Blue while the other one was Red which is a contradiction because i am a clone jedi but also a guard for the Jedi Temple.

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