Love (A Harry Styles Punk Fanfic

What happens when Harry catches himself falling in love with Emily? Will he stop himself before he falls? Or,will he fall hard when she leaves? Well, you can find out in the story! ~Irishbabe


1. This Love

Harrys P.O.V I looked at her light blonde hair and those gorgeous blue eyes. They were entrancing. But she was playing hard to get. But, I'm the only boy who can make her love me or that she is in love in? No,shes not in love with me. I'm just Harry. No one can love me. I sighed. Those blue eyes. I was on and off with her. I think I'm in l-l-Love with her. But I cant be for sure and I'm not diving too deep just to loose this one. I don't want her to go away she makes me feel like no one else can. Wow. I just realized..I'm deep. I watched he blond hair swing. I was enchanted by it. It was like she was my reason for breathing. Emily P.O.V That lip ring made him look even hotter. Combined with his tattoos. Oh,wow. His eyes flickered on min and I looked away. I had only ever had one tattoo and three piercings. A infinity sign on my wrist and when I was 2 I got my ears pierced and when I turned fourteen i got my lip pierced too. I had known him for awhile. Obviously we are kinda on and off. We have never fought and he is NOT soft. I sat on the counter,which wasn't allowed in the bakery,by the register. I criss-crossed my legs and watched him work or well clean up his powder on his shirt. Then,my I-phone rang from is black winged case. He picked it up and answered it swiftly but briefly. He held it at his ear whilst I watched his jaw move and I didn't hear any of the words he was saying. I was zoning out. Then..his eyes grew soft and I knew something was wrong..
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