Love (A Harry Styles Punk Fanfic

What happens when Harry catches himself falling in love with Emily? Will he stop himself before he falls? Or,will he fall hard when she leaves? Well, you can find out in the story! ~Irishbabe


2. Them

Thats Emily 

Name:Emily Jane Grace

Style: Punkish,edgy,new,fresh.

Hair: Light blonde


Personality: Cool,bad ass,laid back and fun.

type of guy:"Someone I can chill with and not have to worry about offending him or any shit like that."






Thats Harry(:

Name: Harold Edward Styles

Style: Punk and edgy

Hair:Curly Brown

Eyes:Piercing light brown

Personality: Nice,Hardcore,bad ass.

type of girl:"Somebody who wont complain or whine or anything like that. She and I will match up perfectly."


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