Love (A Harry Styles Punk Fanfic

What happens when Harry catches himself falling in love with Emily? Will he stop himself before he falls? Or,will he fall hard when she leaves? Well, you can find out in the story! ~Irishbabe


4. The fight

Emilys P.O.V

Harry came over angry. At me! Asking about my past.. I told him "It was my past life a beautiful time. But,I belong with you...I think.." I sighed. "I think..I think I love you, Haz.." He looked at me and laughed. he was still laughing when he said "" He laughed hard. "Do you think,I love you?" I was hurt I mean after all we had been through and this love..if it was love. "GET OUT HAROLD! RIGHT NOW! I screamed at the top of my lungs. He left and I ran upstairs and collapsed on my bed. I fell asleep crying. Why would he laugh at me? I cried and I knew I wasn't good enough. I did what I had to.


Harrys P.O.V

I laughed at her when she told me she loved me! Even though I loved her too. Why styles?! If mum and Gemma were here the would tell me to get it over with. I ran back to her house and knocked. Then I unlocked the door. I unlocked the door when I heard no answer. Thank You,spare key! I ran two by two up the steps and into her room. I grabbed her and held her safely in my arms. I felt something wet on the shoulder of my gray t-shirt. I picked up her wrist and flipped it over. No! There was a series of cuts on her wrist. This couldn't be happening to me!

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