Love (A Harry Styles Punk Fanfic

What happens when Harry catches himself falling in love with Emily? Will he stop himself before he falls? Or,will he fall hard when she leaves? Well, you can find out in the story! ~Irishbabe


5. The After Math

Emilys P.O.V

I woke up with tear stains on my shirt. Ugh! Harry! I grabbed my phone and saw that it was 9:10 am. I rolled over to see Harry's tousled hair. I felt a surge of relief I looked at my wrists to see band-aids on them. Haz. He put hello kitty band-aid on my wrists. I smiled gently. "Why are you smiling,Love?" He asked me gently. "Well after last night-" He winced. "I didnt think you would come back. I didn't think" He sighed and then grabbed me and pulled me close. I got up and showered and then put clothes on.


Harrys P.O.V

Emily was sitting on the counter fiddling  with her phone. Shes been like this all day. Shes done nothing. I went between her legs and took her phone and turned it off. "Hey gorgeous. Can I get a kiss? Or you too good for that?" I smirked. She kissed me and we started making out and then I carried her upstairs. You know what will happen next.

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