Love (A Harry Styles Punk Fanfic

What happens when Harry catches himself falling in love with Emily? Will he stop himself before he falls? Or,will he fall hard when she leaves? Well, you can find out in the story! ~Irishbabe


6. In the morning

Emilys P.O.V

I woke up to my alarm and Harry throwing pillows at me. "Five more Minutes babe." "You've been saying that for an hour. Wake up, Im hungryyy!" "Make yourself food."  "No." "Yes" "No" "Yes" No" "Fine Harry. I will make you breakfast." "Thank youuuu!" He ran out like a little boy on Christmas day. I got dressed in this-->

I ran downstairs and saw..



A/N: I be a jerk! I left you with a cliff hanger(:::



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