Modern Romeo and Juliet

Jenna is a runaway. Her life is a mess and she wants to have a fresh start. Until Connor adds himself to the equation and joins Jenna. With the destination being nowhere in particular...will these kids fall in love?


1. 100% Incomplete

I run out of that house. The one where I don't feel wanted or like I belong. I don't even know how I stayed there for sixteen years. With parents who hate me and don't appreciate me at all. "Don't bother coming back!" I hear my so called mom yell from her spot on the couch.


"I won't!" I scream, slamming the door and heading down the road. "That's for sure." I whisper.


Its getting dark outside now, about ten thirty at night. I adjust the straps on my backpack, that isn't even full. I tried to put only things in there I knew I'd need, so it wouldn't be too heavy. A toothbrush, toothpaste, some cheap granola bars, an empty water bottle, and a fifty dollar bill. A mascara and chap-stick were put in the front pocket and I pair of socks in the side. My cell phone charger was somewhere in there.


You might think that those things wouldn't be the essential things for running away, but for me I didn't even care.


The streets where empty so I J-walked until I was out of the neighborhood. No, I don't have a destination, but I am sure anywhere would be fine, as long as its not jail or home. To me, those are the same thing. I know because I have been to Juvie. I open the door to the gas station and slowly walk into the back where the bathroom is. Splashing my face with water, I rub off my smeared eye liner and mascara just to put some more on. I throw my hair up into a ponytail.


Before I head out the door back into the street, I buy a box of candy for $1. Someone runs into me. "Pardon me." A spicy hot voice says from behind me.


I ignore and rush out the door, but a hand grabs mine. I turn to slap him, but I stop because I could never touch such an amazing face. The guy looks my age, but one of those ridiculous jerks who has dated every single girl around. "Wait. Where you headed?"


"Nowhere you need to be concerned about." I snap.


He lets go, but smiles. "You're a bitch. I like it."


"Shut up." I walk out into the parking lot and look around to make sure my so called Dad isn't here.


The guy follows and stands next to me. I don't move. He doesn't either.


"So let me guess. You are a stupid sixteen year old girl running away because you hate your life?"




"And you have no clue where you're going or who to call for help. Oh wait, you don't like asking for help. You want to do everything yourself."




 "And, you have a problem interrupting people." He looks at me now, showing me he's done talking now.


"I guess you could say that." Then I steed walk to the subway stop to wait for the bus. "I could give you a ride." The boy says. I turn to look back, but stop myself. I keep moving.


"No, for real." Now, I turn and look at him. He has these amazing eyes. He's tall with wavy hair and freckles. "I'll be your um.. Romeo." I pauses. "That's we're learning about in language arts class, right?"




"I have a car." He tries to persuade me into it, but I run as fast as I can when I see the bus. I get on just in time.


Opening the box of candy, I sit down in a seat towards the back. I check my phone so it displays the time. 11:55.


By one o'clock, the candy is long gone and I run out of things to think about. So, I close my eyes and fall aleep.




I jump up and run off. Well, that was nice. The bus drives away and I try to figure out where I am. Nowhere I recognize. But whatever. I'm running away. This is what its all about. Its a crazy adventure with twist after twist after twist.


I spend the next four days sleeping wherever and walking the whole day. I have ran out of granola bars so I guess I need to stop at another gas station.


"Told you I'd drive. I would've bought you somethin'." The same guy says. It doesn't even freak me out a bit when I realize he had to have been following me the entire time. I can deal with stalkers as long as the stalker is cute.


I nod my head and  don't make eye contact. "Please, leave me alone."


"You should run away with me. We'd be Bonnie and Clyde. That's who I was thinking about last time.. but.. Anyways, we'd be a good team."


"I don't want to end up dead, thank you very much."


"We won't. What are you talking about?"

"Bonnie and Clyde get caught and shot to death."


"Oh yeah." He says blankly. "Fine, we'll be... Do you like One Direction?"


"Uh yeah a little."


"We can be Harry Styles and Taylor Swift."


He doesn't realize they broke up already. "Ok fine. We are never ever getting back together. Now, I'm leaving."


"Wait," He laughs. "Umm how about we can be.."


The chat goes on forever and after a while I start to like it. I might sound crazy, but I did get into the car with him. We just drove and drove and drove, talking nonstop."


"Maybe we will one day be Bonnie and Clyde." I admit as we talk about the future. "Or Taylor and Harry."


"How about Romeo and Juliet?"


"That too." I smile.


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