Keek, Kik, and a Little Bit of Twitter

Keek, Kik, and Twitter. Normally what makes every typical teenage girl's world go round, but for me, I had my eye on someone. The social networks just helped it all along the way a little bit.
Strong Language. Read at your own risk. Not a supporter or rape and bullying fan fiction but must be rated yellow due to use of occasional strong language in chapters.


1. Macca's and Marimba

Mc Donalds; honestly, I thought it was home to the slightly overweight and cheap teenagers. Apparently it’s home to celebrities as well.

“Oh God, I’m so fat!” Ashton giggled as both he and Luke tried to wiggle their way through the tight tubes of the playground.

“We don’t even fit!” Luke chimed in, a dimpled smile embedded on his face.

“I’m so fat!” Ashton called again, both still completely unaware of my presence as I observed with amusement.

“Oh God, I’m falling; hang on!”

It was too much to resist, “Having trouble there?” I made my way round the corner, both of them jumping in surprise, Ashton both falling and dropping his phone simultaneously.

“What us? Pfft, no…” Luke replied, jumping out from the playground, “But, um, maybe Ash might… You know…”

He began to giggle, “Ash might have fell flat on his face while trying to fit his ass through a kid’s playground?” I tried to finish for Luke while he continued to laugh.

“Hey!” Ashton grumbled, “That’s not very nice!” He tutted, playfully, before he too collapsed iinto a fit of giddy laughter, joining Luke and I.

“Anywho…” Luke started, “I’m Luke and this idiot is Ashton – what’s ya name?” Apparently they had no idea of my inner-fan-girling. I guess I could always play along; it isn’t every day you get to meet the next upcoming band, despite my dreams and wishes.

“I’m Emily, well, Em.”

“Hi Em.” Luke giggled again, looking down at his feet.

“Hi Luke.” I mimicked him, poking out my tongue.

“Jesus Christ…” Ashton mumbled, shielding his eyes as Luke and I continued to laugh, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to finish this keek.” He mumbled causing me only to laugh further before he held up his phone. “Sorry about that, guys, I was brutally attacked…”

“Hey! You fell off!”

“No, you surprised me,” Ashton went to turn back to the camera before he was cut off when a voice yelped from the restaurant, “Are we going to get in trouble?” He looked at Luke, worriedly, “That’d be way embarrassing!” I just laughed, giving them both no help what so ever, before Ash decided to chat to the camera once again. “Can the two huge ass holes please get out of the playground?” He mimicked.

“It might help.” I shrugged, just as the keek ended. Insecure, goby but not photo shy me – well, video shy in this case.

“And publish…” Ashton fiddled with his phone.

While he was uploading the keek, Luke and I wandered over slightly to the swings, sitting down as he began to talk, still oblivious to the fan thing. I have to say, it was kinda cute. “And, well, Ash and I are in this band – we’re called Five Seconds of Summer…” He laughed, nervously, but I ushered him to carry on, “Yeah, there’s four of us; Ash and I, then our two mates Michael and Calum.”

“Then why Five – “

“Don’t ask.” He shook his head. If only he knew…

“So are you guys big or?”

“Not really, we’re just starting out and…”

My phone buzzed, just as Ashton walked over.

“Are you going to get that or?” Ashton nodded towards my pocket, where my phone vibrated for a few chimes.

“Oh, yeah, um…”

*subscription update from 5secondsofsummer*


“Um…”  Both of them were already peering at my phone screen, despite my best efforts at shielding it away from them.

“You’re a fan?!” Ashton laughed, successful at catching me in the act.

“You’re a fan of us? So you knew everything all a long? And you still made me awkwardly explain it to you?” Luke sighed, but a smile was tugging at his lips.

“Whoops?” I shrugged, giggling, once again.

“So, um, wow…”

“I’m a great actress, I know.” I dropped Luke a wink, the sarcasm aimed for Ash.

“As much as I hate to say it, I have to disagree.” Luke flirted back with me, just a little.

“Damn it.” I mocked under my breath.

“Well with all that been said – “ I was cut short, my phone going off once again, only his time with the chime of Marimba. “What now?” I called, exasperated.

*TheCow: Hey biatch. Where r u?! U were meant 2 meet me @ Starbucks – 10 mins ago! -_- xx*

“Crap…” I muttered, Luke glancing my way again, “It was really nice to meet you guys but I’m late meeting my friend… Haha, I’m not exactly the most… Punctual.” I chose my words carefully.

“Aww, that sucks.”

“I know, I know, I agree, Ashton, but I really, really need to go so… Uh, yeah… Bye…”

“Wait,” Luke began, grabbing onto my wrist quickly, giving him just enough time, “Do you have kik? Maybe we could chat again; you could see the other guys… But if you didn’t want to then -”

I opened my contacts hurriedly, selecting Kik before shoving my phone into his hand. “Speed type, Hemmings. Just please, bloody speed type.”

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