I Miss You


1. No one cares

I know what it's like to watch another slowly die before your eyes

Without even having the chance to goodbye

To have an aching absence in your once alive heart

To have your whole life just torn apart


I'm running away from all my fears

I'm running out the door

There's too much blood on the floor

I'm running away from all you monsters


However she had no funeral, not one person cared

I couldn't save her, no one could, I just silently stared

Hold your sanity close, if you lose it, you lose you

You lose anything that's good in you too


No  one noticed as the life drained, as the blood poured

What more could she expect, no one cared of course

She cried in her coffin, because no one cried for her you see

The death I am mourning is the death of me



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