Lost Secrets

One night Caroline a 17 year girl, was woken up to her parents being murdered. With the help of a secret agents Niall,Louis,Harry,Liam, and Zayn. They help her escape to saftey. But now she lives in fear that they will get her.while fighting for the good one of the secrets agents might find love in her. But who? will the bad come for her and murder her along with her parents?


6. 6

Niall,Zayn,Liam,Harry,and Louis,”the agents”, and I were all sitting in the table Where we replace the place's Of the men and women who were their earlier.

We were all sitting in silence, no one daring to talk. I just wanted someone to speak.

"Why am I here?" I blurted out.

Everyones head snapped my way and looked at me as if I was some strange creature. I couldn't of take it anymore, I put my head down on the table and began to cry. I just wanted answers.

"Please, I need to know why I'm here," I paused to take a deep breath, "what happened to my parents? Someone said my question would be answered," I turned and stared at louis.

No one answered, they just stared. As for me I just began to sob harder.

The woman who was standing walked to where I was sitting, grabbed a chair near by and pulled it besides me.

"I'm Kate, and I know this must be very confusing, " my head snapped up instantly as she introduced her name.

I remember my mom telling Louis to thank Kate, but why am I here with her. She extended her arm towards the guy who was next to her earlier,  he instantly came to her side.

"This is my husband Tom, we are friends of your parents," Kate said, as she moved her hands around as if she was trying to explain something else with them.

"We're secret agents, like nobody knows about us not even the government,"Kate stopped and stared at me for any reaction.

"Your parents we also agents," she continued.

How? They were just normal parents,Is that why when the fought against the people they were great.

They continued on telling me bits stuff that I didn’t care about.What I wanted to know was about my parents or why I am here.

“Your parents were one of the best agents,” Tom said “we were trained together,That’s how we came along to be great friends.”

He continued on with stories of how they became great friends, and how they were so great. They told me how my mom and dad came to be together, it was the same they told me with a bit of agent twist.

“All in our class were trained, the main officers were all ready the step down and we were ready to lead,” Kate continued the story after Tom, “A year into when we stepped up some of our agent started to realize we were much stronger than any army or government, they started revolting against us.”

“They took one third of our agents we didn’t care at first we still had more,within that year Kate got pregnant" tom said but I didn't get it I thought we were going to talk about me and my parents.

"Within that year a war started between us and them, Kate was near her birth date and we knew they were planning on attacking our home soon so we made a plan" he looked down at kate and she nodded.


posted on July 30, 2014 at 4:13 pm. Not edited for corrections. all corrections will be done at the end of the book.


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