Lost Secrets

One night Caroline a 17 year girl, was woken up to her parents being murdered. With the help of a secret agents Niall,Louis,Harry,Liam, and Zayn. They help her escape to saftey. But now she lives in fear that they will get her.while fighting for the good one of the secrets agents might find love in her. But who? will the bad come for her and murder her along with her parents?


5. 5

We arrived.where you exactly must you say? I didn't know quite sure. the house looked like it could fit like 7 families. The house also was one of those houses where you drive down one of those rich neighborhoods, and at the end there was a house with a gate. Behind those gate it led down a huge driveway to the light brown house, with various of windows, and red bricks to where the entrance of the house was.The van stopped right in front of the entrance. Everyone inside started piling out , And I just followed suit. When I got out I just stared up at the house in awed, is was much bigger up close, but I just question myself why would they bring me here.They all climbed the stairs to the house about to enter,but I stayed in the same position I was. Was I ready to go in the house, was that even an option.


“Come on Caroline, let’s go in. I think there is someone in their you want to meet. They have a lot of answers for your questions.” Who are these people Louis is talking about.


I didn’t care much, if they had answers of why my parent died and why I was here, I would go in.

I wasn’t mistaken when I said this house could fit a ton of people. I was now following the boys to find  somewhere to find my answers. While we walk I tried to think of questions I can ask, I only had two big one in mind. We stopped at this white door, my heart started to pound harder I wasn’t sure if I might get my answers or I might be the next to die.

Stop panicking Caroline, stop it. What the hell how am I suppose to stop panicking I don’t even know these God damn people.

Harry gently opened to door slowly, enough for us to enter. Behind the doors was a large round table filled with probably 6 women and 10 men.

A women and the man next to her stood up and looked at us with astonished faces once they saw us enter.  

“Agents, you brought her back” The man said.


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