Lost Secrets

One night Caroline a 17 year girl, was woken up to her parents being murdered. With the help of a secret agents Niall,Louis,Harry,Liam, and Zayn. They help her escape to saftey. But now she lives in fear that they will get her.while fighting for the good one of the secrets agents might find love in her. But who? will the bad come for her and murder her along with her parents?


4. 4

I don’t get why I trusted these strangers. Even though they might of said they’re here to help me, they could be part of the gang that killed my parents. They don’t even answer my questions how do they want me to build trust to them if they do nothing to help it grow. Did my mother even die? what kind of question is that, the people probably did something horrible to her. After we got in the jeeps we started driving for about three more hours, till we came to a stop at a airport. At that moment I started freaking out inside of me why were we in a airport? Where were they taking me? Could I even fly with them I don’t even have a passport on me. I've seen kind of movies like this, were they going to stuff me in a suitcase in order for me to travel with them. At that moment I swear they put me on some kind of memory loss for a bit of hours. I swear it had to be that, if not I would not of gotten on.But now here I am with five boys walking out of London’s international airport. See I could ran away, gone and called for the cops and tell them I was kidnapped, but I didn't. Why? Call this cliche but I have some trust in them who. We walked out of their till we reached a black SUV. The curly quiff got in the front seat with the driver,black quiff went to the back along with light brown quiff, and blond quiff.Louis and I sat on the two seats in the middle.

“We should stop somewhere to eat we've be flying for 6 hours.”curly quiff haired said.

“I think were safe enough to eat out.” The light brown quiff haired agreed with curly quiff.

“I guess we can go.” Louis stated and the driver pulled up to a small diner.


“Good Morning, are you guys ready to order or may I take your drinks?” The young waitress asked as she took out her notepad to write our orders.


“Caroline, I think we should introduce ourselves I’m Niall,he’s Zayn,Harry,Liam,and well you know Louis.”Niall introduced all of us.

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