Lost Secrets

One night Caroline a 17 year girl, was woken up to her parents being murdered. With the help of a secret agents Niall,Louis,Harry,Liam, and Zayn. They help her escape to saftey. But now she lives in fear that they will get her.while fighting for the good one of the secrets agents might find love in her. But who? will the bad come for her and murder her along with her parents?


3. 3

Of all the trip I think we only stopped only once and that's because I really needed to pee if not we would have driven forever. As we were arriving now to a different state which was now Florida, I know because I read the welcome to Florida sign.I saw we were pulling up into a curve in front of a little boutique called Boutique DE France peu DE Carrie. Louis got out of the car and went around it to open the door for me, I just got out and followed him into the boutique. The boutique was one of those shops that looked cute, small, and old an age looking. When we went in Louis told me to get something comfortable because I couldn’t walk around in my pj's

When we got out of the shop instead of walking to the car again we started walking to who know’s where.After walking four blocks, we starting nearing two black jeeps with two guys in one and two guy in the other.

Both four guys were out of the jeep in the first jeep there was a guy with dirty blond hair and a guy with light brown curly hair. In the second jeep there was a guy with short light brown hair and a guy with tan skin and dark hair. I found it funny how how they were all like wearing different kind of white shirts and khakis. Aren’t I and Louis like wearing the same but we were wearing jeans.

“louis you got the girl here save and sound way to go bro. Was there any complication?” the curly one said.

“Well Aaron and May didn’t make it.” said Louis.

“May and Aaron died. This needs to stop to many originals are dying.” said the blonde one said.

“Theirs was nothing we could of done anyways, I was by myself and they could not of known we are in the mission not just yet.” Louis said in a stern voice. Everybody looked at Louis like if he just said the truth, but looked disappointed they could of not nothing at all.


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