Lost Secrets

One night Caroline a 17 year girl, was woken up to her parents being murdered. With the help of a secret agents Niall,Louis,Harry,Liam, and Zayn. They help her escape to saftey. But now she lives in fear that they will get her.while fighting for the good one of the secrets agents might find love in her. But who? will the bad come for her and murder her along with her parents?


2. 2

when the stranger opened the window I didn't know he meant jump through it. Right now I am in a black Wald international, driving somewhere I don’t know.

“ My name is Louis” the guy next to me said.

I didn't answer him back. the last time I spoken with him was when I asked him what we were doing.

“ I couldn't of done nothing for them, I was by myself, I couldn't of call the police they wouldn't of help for nothing, and I needed to get you out of their safe.”

What does he mean the police couldn't of done nothing, their the authority shouldn't they been able to help a person in need.

 That when I remembered what the people and the men were discussing about a girl was I that girl, was that the reason Louis had to get me out of their safe?

Louis” I said in an almost whispered tone.

“yea” he answered in his normal voice tone.

“my names Caroline” I said figuring out since he is helping me out he should know my name.

“I know it is” he said

Their was like no way I can ask that question. Was I that girl?  i’ll just drop it.

“why so deep in thought” Louis said as I turned to face him, but he was still watching the road.

Louis why were you in my house? why were the people at my house?” I asked him

“I was there to save you.” hes said without answering my other question so I just drop it till later.

“Where you accent from?” I couldn't stop asking question being in silence is just awkward.

“somewhere around London”he answered

“why would you come save me from all the way to London to here in new York?” he just confuses me more by the minute.

“Its complicated you don't need to know yet” what complicated that I almost got killed with my parents.


The drive was long and forever in fact were still driving. I bet we weren't in New York nor near New York. This in fact was the most awkwardest and saddest drive of my whole life.


~~~After today i think the updates will go probably once every two weeks. what do you guys think?~~~

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