My life with my best friend *Niall horan ff*

Rosie Marinus is a 13 year old girl from Londen (UK). she lives a perfect life, untill her parents die and her sibblings want nothing to do with her. One day she goes to a One Direction concert and meets her idols. will she tell them about herself or will she only tell one of them? to find out...


3. the bad news

Rosie's POV


"hello?" i asked the mystery person. "Hi, Rosie it's me Hayes, i have to tell you something importnant..."-"i'm listning...?"  "well, Rose our parents died today in a car crash and me and your sisters are moving to America, meanwhile you'll live alone,i know you're only 13 years old,but... i'm sorry but it's the best for us, don't worry there's money unther my bed enough for new clothes and food for like 3 years, i love you sisy and i am soo soo sorry, have fun at the 1D concert, Goodbye"

that just killed me, i have no family anymore; my parents died and my brother and sister left me.

i have no one i'm Alone..

*1week later*

i've been honestly pretty well, Hayes called 2 times to check on me and the 1D concert is today, i'm wearing an british flag tank top, washed out denim shorts, red bandana and white high converse:

i have to take the bus to the concert...oh well,

i was waitning for the bus for what felt like YEARS and finaly it came! i sat down next to a blonde girl since there was no place else "hi" she said "hello" i smiled back, "may i ask you where you're going?" - "yeah sure, i'm going to a 1D concert!" i smiled from ear to ear. "One Direction???!!" she started yelling "well yeah, that's what i told you" i giggled "well i'm going too!!" "nice" i said then the bus came at his stop and we stepped out, and walked into the arena "what seat do you have?" she asked me. "front, u?" "middle" she said with a sad smile.

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