My life with my best friend *Niall horan ff*

Rosie Marinus is a 13 year old girl from Londen (UK). she lives a perfect life, untill her parents die and her sibblings want nothing to do with her. One day she goes to a One Direction concert and meets her idols. will she tell them about herself or will she only tell one of them? to find out...


2. my birthday

Rosie's POV

"Rose wake up!" i heard my little sister yell "hmmm...?"-"wake up it's your birthday!" my mother yelled from down stairs. " coming!" i yelled back, what would i get this year? last year i got a new pair of converse i have like tons of those kinda shoes! i got dressed in a dark blue jegging and a black '5SOS' tank top. I love 5SOS and 1D they are good singers i'm a fan but not the 'fangirl' type.

i got downstairs and there was my lovely family, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, have you slept well sweety?" my mom asked "yes i did"-"well sour cream, we have a present for you!" my mom said a little to excited "what is it?" i asked in a bored tone "well open it!" she gave a withe envelope, i opened it and started screaming "WHAAAAAT?! 1D concert tickets!! i love you guys! thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!"-"you shouldn't thank us but your brother!" my father said, i turned around and jumpen on my brother while screaming "THANKYOUSOMUCH I LOVE YOU SOO SOO MUCH, you're the best brother in the world!!" - "yeah yeah i know, now get of me you're going to be late for school!" oh darn it! i hate school, because i get bullied all the time, i don't even know why...

"okay see you later, love you guys!" i said while taking my british flag eastpack bag and leaving the house.

i got to the bus stop and waited for my bus to come and pick me up for school 'YAY' (note the sarcasm).

*20 min. later*

finally the bus came after like what? half an hour.

i walked in the bus and was greated by the driver with a sympathetic smile. i took a seat in the back and watched the birds fly over the bus, like i always did.

*Skip school* (sorry)


school was hell like ALWAYS ! got pushed into lockers by brandon and aiden AGAIN! luckily it was the last day now it's SPRING BREAK ! yeah, i've been waiting for today.

i walked in the house, the door suprysingly unlocked. "Hello anybody home?" nothing "HELLO?!" still nothing than the phone started ringing...

A/N so what do you think? no hate please this is my firts movellas and i'm trying my best.

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