My life with my best friend *Niall horan ff*

Rosie Marinus is a 13 year old girl from Londen (UK). she lives a perfect life, untill her parents die and her sibblings want nothing to do with her. One day she goes to a One Direction concert and meets her idols. will she tell them about herself or will she only tell one of them? to find out...


1. ME

Hi, i'm Rosie Marinus,

I'm 13 years old and i live in north-londen, my parents are the world to me i don't know what i'll do without them.

I have 1 brother his name is James he's 18 years old, and i have 2 sisters Holly and Sarah they're both 11 years old.

This is how i look like :

- i have dark brown curly hair

- bright blue eyes

- i'm a little tan



A/N: hi, so this is my first movellas enjoy it :)

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