My life with my best friend *Niall horan ff*

Rosie Marinus is a 13 year old girl from Londen (UK). she lives a perfect life, untill her parents die and her sibblings want nothing to do with her. One day she goes to a One Direction concert and meets her idols. will she tell them about herself or will she only tell one of them? to find out...


6. chapter 6

Rosie's pov


so i was now packing for moving with Niall, i think it's a little weird though! i just met him only 1 day ago. "you ready?" niall asked "yeah just lemme finish my last bag!" i replied.

"okay done!" "well let's go!" niall said.

we arived at the apartement and it was lovely! it was so big from the outside and the inside, there where white walls, a black leather sofa, it was SO modern and still a little traditional with the guitars.

"well, you're coming to see your new room?" "euh yeah sure!"



A/N: i know i've haden't updated in like FOREVER!! (i'm very busy!) bye i love u!

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