My life with my best friend *Niall horan ff*

Rosie Marinus is a 13 year old girl from Londen (UK). she lives a perfect life, untill her parents die and her sibblings want nothing to do with her. One day she goes to a One Direction concert and meets her idols. will she tell them about herself or will she only tell one of them? to find out...


5. chapter 5.

Rosie's POV. *15 minutes later*

i've been waiting for niall for only 15 minutes well that's not much i guess so.

then the door opened what made me kinda jump up, then i saw it only was niall. "hello" he said "hi" i replied "so, could you, you know kinda tell me what happend that day?" he asked a little bit smiling "well i-it was my birthday that day, i got tickets as a present from my brother and then i got to school or should i say hell" i mumbled the last part "and well when-" i started but was cut of by niall "oh wait, wait, wait, what did you say about school? it's hell? how come" - " well e-euhm i-i-i...get y-yu know get quite bullied..." i said looking down "why?" he  asked i just srugged "go on" he said " yeah after a tough day at school being pushed in locker's and stuff, i got home and no one was at home when the phone started ringin i picked it up and it was my brother saying both our parents died in a car accident and that he moved to America with my little sisters Sarah and Holly so i was kinda left...Alone" by now i was crying in his arms "shhh... it's okay...shhh" he said trying to calm me, i stood up and brushed the tears of "you know what, what do you think of living with me in my appartement?" - "what?! serieusly?" i said with a smile "yeah, why not? how old are you?" - "13 years old" i said with a little smile "cute" he winked and we both started laughing


A/N: hi, thanks for reading i'll update sooner or later, i don't even know if someone is actualy reading this haha. xx


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