" You won't meet him"

Maggi is obsessed with the boyband One Direction. All of her friends have a boyfriend, are in love and happy. But Maggis heart is taken by Harry Styles, a member of this band.
Her friends tell her that she won't meet him and she'd rather search for a boy in her age and someone she could reach.
But Maggi doesn't want another guy


9. The day after


Harry drove me home and then leaved because he had to do rehearsels with his bandmates because of the next tour.

At home my sister already waited for me as I opened the door. She looked very concerned wich was really confusing because I didn't tell anybody of that date, so I thought something had happened.

"What's up Elli?"

"You were on a date with Harry fucking Styles, a member of my favourite band and you don't tell me a word?"

"So when I didn't tell you a word, why do you know about it?" I said without answering her question.

"Didn't you look at twitter? There is a picture of the two of you, and you are gaining much hate, my dear."

She showed me the picture. This was the photo, the man took of us.

"But Harry gave him money for those pics."

"Yeah, but maybe he saved the pics already to another card, or what do I know i am not a specialist." she said a bit angry.

"Oh shit, this means much trouble for Harry." 'I have to tell him', I thought and put out my phone while walking into my room and leaving my sister right there.

I tiped in: Hey babe, watch out for your management. The photo of us is going through Twitter. This could mean trouble for you.

he answered immediatly: Too late, babe. But thank you xx

My sister came into my room, still concerned but with a little smile on her lips: "Now tell me about your first date, little sister!"

I smiled back and told her every really EVERY DETAIl about the amazing date. She was so happy for me, and smiled over both ears.

"So you are going to see him again?"

"I guess so, yes"

She jumped in my room yelling "My little sister has a boyfriend now, my little sister has a boyfriend now, and is name is HARRY STYLES she sang those lines up and down.

"Shut up, not our whole neighbourhood has to know this." I said laughing.

"Oh, you two didn't want to bring it in public? Well, this is too late now, I guess."

"Yeah I know, but...it's just that Harry wanted to tell it the fans by himself. Did you even know how much he cared about us?"

"Well, I guess he cares about somebody even more now, you cheeky"

We both laughed and then srolled through twitter together. I began to cry because people were sending me so much hate now, I couldn't take this.

"Didn't you see that coming when you go on a date with one of the five most wanted boys in the world?"

"NO" i screamed at her. "I'm sorry, but i was just so happy that somebody liked me the way I am and i didn't care about the public or the hate. But "

"It's okay" She hugged me and kissed my forhead. "You two will make this. The fandom will accept you, no worries."


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