" You won't meet him"

Maggi is obsessed with the boyband One Direction. All of her friends have a boyfriend, are in love and happy. But Maggis heart is taken by Harry Styles, a member of this band.
Her friends tell her that she won't meet him and she'd rather search for a boy in her age and someone she could reach.
But Maggi doesn't want another guy


10. school


My sister really gave me hope and that's what brought back my happieness. I guessed I still couldn't realise what happened the last days and so I just didn't think about it that much.

The next day I went at school with the normal mood: annoyed. But this day something was different. I walked into the school and looked down on my phone replying to one of Harrys message. But I felt like somebody was staring at me. So I looked up and saw nearly the whole scool looking at me and I swear I could even see some people smiling at me. ( I still don't know if this was friendly smiling or not) .

At first I didn't know what was even going on and so I just walked past all those people staring at me. In class everybody was whispering. I was quite sure that they talked about Harry and me.

And I was absolutely sure about that, when my math teacher asked me:

"Is the rumour true that you are going out with Harry Styles, the boy from One Direction?"

I didn't know what to answer because it isn't that normal that a teacher is interested in your love-life so I just said:

"Well, yes but, problem with this?"

"No, I'm sorry I didn't want to be curious but i just wanted to know."

"Well okay...i was really confused and It was a strange feeling that everybody was talking about ME and they were talking good things about me..I mean is there any bad things about dating Harry Styles I don't think so. It was the first time that I felt...special in my school..and...yeah I liked the feeling.

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