" You won't meet him"

Maggi is obsessed with the boyband One Direction. All of her friends have a boyfriend, are in love and happy. But Maggis heart is taken by Harry Styles, a member of this band.
Her friends tell her that she won't meet him and she'd rather search for a boy in her age and someone she could reach.
But Maggi doesn't want another guy


11. new feelings

 So I kinda enjoyed the attention I never got before and that was probably why my "friends" wanted to talk to me again suddenly. When I zhink about it now this was extremely shitty of them and I should have better ignored them but I was just so happy that the people seemed to find me interesting.

I was the topic of every conversation and that made me feel kind of important. Everyone was talking about how we met and how our first kiss was and stuff.

Besides of that feelings of joy and happiness, I loved Harry so so much, like I never ever loved a person before...I mean I never had a boyfriend but it just felt so right.

But in contrast to me being absolutely happy with the situation, Harry had many troubles with management and the other boys (out of Louis, cause he hates Management). I bet they told Harry to end that relationship and stuff but I didn't know so far.

I asked Harry to pick me up from school but as I sent the message I realised what this would cause at my school so I didn't even expected an answer and didn't look on my phone till the end of my last lesson. I got a message: "Come out my love, I can see you xx"

I opened the door of our school entrance and he stood there with a bunch of red roses in his hands.

I ran into his arms and I felt like I was in a movie so it was a bit weird but I didn't care. we kissed verys very long and I only stopped because I realised how many people were staring at us and then they ran to him, pushed me away and hugged him and wanted autographs and, and, and.

I felt like rubbish and that was the moment I understood that not I were the important and interesting person, but my boyfriend HARRY SRYLES.

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