" You won't meet him"

Maggi is obsessed with the boyband One Direction. All of her friends have a boyfriend, are in love and happy. But Maggis heart is taken by Harry Styles, a member of this band.
Her friends tell her that she won't meet him and she'd rather search for a boy in her age and someone she could reach.
But Maggi doesn't want another guy


2. "friends", my dream

Maggis POV

My life has really changed a lot since the boys came into it. I don't really know if i should be happy about that or not. I got to know so many wonderful girls who have the same interests like me. But in school i don't really have that many friends and those who say they are my friends are just not like me, they are different and when they ask me something about the boys, they don't really want to hear it, so all they say after i finished talking is: they are gay, they can't sing, go search for boys at your level. Which is in my opinion really stupid because when they say they are stupid and then they say they are too good for me...this doesn't make any sense for me.

I decided to not talk to them anymore because for me they are just talking shit and they don't deserve to even know 5 such beautiful persons.

I also got mobbed by two boys from my class which doesn't makes my life easier for me to live. I mean they are not really mobbing me, but they are saying shitty things about the boys which makes me a lot more angrier than they would say something against me. All i say is that they are just jealous that they aren't so good looking. I mean, the boys are really good looking.

School really annoys me, i guess this is every teenagers' problem, but it doesn't only annoys me because of the teachers or the subjects but also because of those stupid people. I'd rather be with my directioners or - which is my biggest dream - with the boys.


At night i always just lay in my bed and think of how wonderful it would be to just meet the boys for one time, but i now this will never happen. But i really really wish i could meet them, i mean i would travel the whole world just to see Harry Fucking Styles smile at me. Everyone is telling me: HE WON'T or YOU WON'T MEET HIM. This really gets me down. Most people don't understand that I can really love somebody, whom I don't really know and who doesn't even know me at all. But my heart is just stolen by him.

BUTTTT, i am going to their concert tommorow. I still can't believe it's already their second tour: The Take Me Home Tour. I watched videos on YouTube of their concerts in other countries every day. And now it's finally my time to see them live.

* 5 hours later*

I'm finally here: O2 world Berlin. Here are so so many people outside and i can't wait to go in.

After much screaming, waiting and crying we finally get in. We search for our seats and buy something to drink and put out our posters. Cameryn comes and does her job really well in m eyes. I still can't believe they are just some meters away from me and they are about to come out in less than some minutes. My heart beats so fucking fast and i almost cry, but then they come out with " Up all night", wich made me smile immediately, because it was one of my favourite songs of the first album.

I was so happy like never before in my life. I was in the second row at a concert of my idols, my inspirations, my reasons to be. SECOND ROW, they are just 5 meters away or something this is just so.. unbelieveable.

I am jumping around which probably looks so weird, but who cares? oh jeah, the boys might see it but whatever.


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