" You won't meet him"

Maggi is obsessed with the boyband One Direction. All of her friends have a boyfriend, are in love and happy. But Maggis heart is taken by Harry Styles, a member of this band.
Her friends tell her that she won't meet him and she'd rather search for a boy in her age and someone she could reach.
But Maggi doesn't want another guy


6. dreamdate

I woke up to the sweetest message by Harry:

"Morning beautiful,

I hope you had a great night, I'm sorry I am not calling, but this would break the surprise because I would tell you too much when I am excited.

Just let me know your adress. I'll catch you up there at 8 pm.

Love, yours Harry"

I was so excited. I'm going on a date with Harry Styles. HARRY STYLES, who would even believe this?

I went shopping, because I really need the perfect outfit for this date. I bought a wonderful summerdress, some really cute sendals and a nice bracelet. I also bought a hat because i really like hats and i know Harry does too.

Arriving at home I went to have a shower and i washed my hair. I put my clothes on, and then i realiesed that it was summer but it was evening so a dress would be a bit cold. I searched for a jacket that would fit but i didn't find one, so i let it be. I put on my makeup, but not that much, because i wanted to look natural. I have really long hair so I made me some curls and then i put my hat on.

I were so extremely excited about the date, but i still had ten minutes left. I just sat on my couch and chilled a bit to calm down. At exactly 8 pm my bell rang. I opened the door and there he stood, my Mr. right.

"Wow you look beautiful, babe!"

"Thank you Harry, you look nice as well"

"No, you weren't to give the compliment back"

I smiled at him and said: "It was just the truth..ehm I'll just get my bag and then we can start, all right?"

After getting my back I looked at the mirror again and said to myself: "just be yourself."

I walked out to Harry while he already opened the cardoor for me, like a real gentleman. I thanked him and he turned on the cd-player. It was Pink Floyd on it. He asked: "you like that band or shall i switch the CD?"

"No, let it in, I really like their songs, they are just brilliant."

"Oh really? I wouldn't have thought you like them."

I just began to sing to the song and he just laughed and said: "alright, I believe you."

We sang out loud and even danced a bit. It was really funny and i didn't really care about what people might think when they saw us...because...there weren't any people. We landed somewhere. I asked him, "where are we going, by the way?"

"you'll see, don't be so curious, it's a suprise..you forgot that?"

I smiled and just looked out the window into that beautiful landsacpe. We drove more than an hour, but it felt like ten minutes.

I really felt comfortable, which was quite strange because i never really liked driving in a car. And because of that well-being I didn't even noticed, we alredy parked. 

"There we go, c'mon get out"

We arrived on a really beautiful lake and the landscape just amazed me.

We went down to the water with a blanked. I kicked him in his ass and ran away, of course he didn't accepted that and ran after me. He caught me from the back and carried me to the water. I laughed, he laughed and suddenly I realised he wanted to put me into the water.

"Don't you dare, Mr?"

He smiled and said: "You were really naughty, I can't accept that, Mrs."

His legs were already in the water. But I looked at him with my puppy look and said: "It'll be very cold for me"

He laughed and said: "Okay, you cheeky little thing."

Suddenly I stumbled and fell into the water. I laughed at me so much and he helped me stand up. Well my dress was white, and so he saw EVERYTHING. My completely underware.

"You see now, why I didn't want you to put me into the water?"

"I like what I see." I kicked him again and said: "who is the naughty one of us now, huh?"

We both laughed and putted out the blanket, Harry still staring at me. I blushed a bit and said then: "Don't look at me like that, please." "I-i-i-i'm sorry, are you cold?"

"Yeah, a bit."

"a bit? you kidding?" He came closer, "You have goose pimples on your whole body."

"My whole body? How you wanna know?" I asked cheeky.

"You know what I mean."

He pulled out his sweater and gave it to me.

"No Harry, then you are cold!"

"I won't be that cold, and I am a man."

i began to pull out my wet dress, "Close your eyes, Mister!"

"I've already seen your underware, you forgot that?"

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