I Am Abnegation

Dylan Swift always thought she would be Dauntless. She was brave, courageous, and worthy of the Dauntless title. But she was also nice. Selfless. Who would've thought that her tiniest trait could be the one flaw she could never live with?


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4;

Dauntless Is Not Me

I was always waiting for the train ride back to Dauntless after choosing. From when I was a small girl. But this is unbearable, listening to everyone about how their aptitudes were Dauntless. While I'm sitting here alone. A stiff at heart.
A girl with reddish-blonde hair turns to me. I've never seen her before, so she must not be from Dauntless. A smile lines her lips, as she holds out her hand to me.

"Hello! I'm Aria! My original faction was Amity! I know, weird, right. But the aptitude means what it means, right?" She asks. I try to clog out her endless Amity babble, but it works it's way into my head. Standing up, I walk away from the girl, feeling slightly bad to leave her there, but also relieved of her annoyance. I sit next to a girl with porcelain skin, but dark, black hair.

"Hi. I'm Abigail. Erudite, but Dauntless transfer. Did you know that the aptitude tests work by..." I let her voice trail off. Making friends will be harder than I thought. Amity are so nice it's sickening, but Erudite are so smart, it's deceiving.

I sit next to a girl with long, purple hair. I smile at her, and she scowls.

"You aren't another one of those Amity, are you?" She asks, barely glancing at me. I scoff at the Idea, earning a glance from her. She has piercing green eyes, and a grin on her face.

"Yes. Hello. You're Dauntless-born, right? Dylan... Swift? I'm Braden." She says. I give a crooked smile, tilting my head. "So, guessing you got Dauntless for your aptitude?" She asks. I gulp. Everyone here should have gotten Dauntless for their aptitude. But...

But you are not everyone. You are not dauntless. Don't forget where you belong. Remember, 'I will be my undoing, if I become my obsession." Do not forget that you are Abnegation, dear Dylan.

No. I am not Abnegation.

Aptitude doesn't lie.

"Umm... Yeah... I got Dauntless..." I start, but the Braden cuts me off, a smile on her face. Alook of confusion crawls upon my own, my eyebrows knitting together. She smiles even wider, crossing her arms against her chest.

"I heard you, last night. But hey, Stiff. I got Candor, believe it or not. A bunch of ignorants, if ya ask me." She says. I smile a little, stifling a laugh threatening to come. She looks at me funny. I can't help but full on laugh. "What?"

"You're acting like a Candor, now! Truthing you're opinions, doing nothing but find out the truth I. A..." My voice changes to a whisper. "Stiff." I allow my voice to grow louder. "You're an absolute Candor! So, why did you choose Dauntless?"

"Not very Stiff, Stiff. Anyways, you just gotta know, we'll be great friends. I'll let you know why I chose Dauntless, soon." She replies, a smirk on her face. I smile back, relieved. Maybe Braden will be a good friend.

"So, Braden, you're a Dauntless-born, as well? Wait. That seems obvious. Very sorry to overload you with my curiosity." I say, but smack my hand over my mouth. Braden laughs. I was  just... I just acted as a Stiff would. 

You know who you are, and what you should be. Abnegation, Ms. Swift. You are Abnegation. Just remember.

"Such a Stiff." Braden comments. I lightly shove her, when the train nears Dauntless compound. Time to jump. This is the first challenge of Dauntless initiation. Not everyone can make it. And the drop, the drop will kill you.

Braden and I look to each other, smiling. Taking a running start, Ieaped over the drop, easily landing. Braden lands next to me, other kids stumbling around us. I look at the drop. Two kids lay there. They missed it. They missed the landing.

Braden looks down as well. Her smile changed into a solemn expression. 

"Hardcore stuff." Says she, turning around. She must have rehearsed this. People die, but she won't cry. 

"Who will be the first to jump into the Pit?" Asks a woman. I can't see her through the sea of Dauntless initiates. I shrug my shoulders, jumping in. No one notices, except Braden. I can hear her cheering as I drop into a net. Scrambling out, I close my eyes. 

"My name is Dylan Swift." I say, before sitting close to the net. I hear a voice, a male's, yell my name. 

Soon, I hear the name Braden James, before she sits next to me.

"Braden, I am not Dauntless. You know I'm not Dauntless. But I don't know what to do. Dauntless is not me."

Finally you admit your defeat.

But it's not defeat. It's realization. By this, I will be made Stronger. And that is what makes me Dauntless.

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