I Am Abnegation

Dylan Swift always thought she would be Dauntless. She was brave, courageous, and worthy of the Dauntless title. But she was also nice. Selfless. Who would've thought that her tiniest trait could be the one flaw she could never live with?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1;

Aptitude Test

I can hear the wind whistling in the trees, as I lay back in the train compartment. A thin smile lays on my lips, as I watch the other almost-Dauntless chat amongst themselves. Well, almost all Dauntless. Some will move to other factions, live there, and become faction members. While others will stay, and some will be faction-less. I am going to stay in Dauntless. That is my home. Dauntless runs through my blood.

I see the school near, and I ready to jump. Kids and teenagers around me jump, already used to the blow it brings. My legs spring forward, but I tumble, still quite not used to the feel of my feet landing on solid, hard ground. I painful jolt flies through me, causing me to clench my jaw. 

I take off after the other kids, my long, charcoal-color hair flying out behind me. I do not laugh, though others do. I really don't even think to smile.

Other kids chat amongst themselves, and of course Candor debate as they walk through the halls. I keep to myself, quite, unspeaking, unthreatning. Except for the part of me that is Dauntless.

I clench my school things to my chest. Today is the aptitude test. The worst gut wrenching thing I can imagine. Except for living in Dauntless. But that's for thrill, the excitment. Not to know what you're really supposed to be.


All students sit in a room. Candor students are grouped together, as are Erudite and Amity. Dauntless are littered around the room, clumped in small groups. Abnegation are mostly grouped, while others roam, asking if anyone needs help. More likewise, being selfless.

"Dylan Swift?" A woman wearing black and white, Candor colors, calls my name. Her peircing blue eyes almost sting me, as they find mine. I get up, walking towards the exit. At least she's a Candor, and will speak the absolute truth. I hope.

"Just lay in this chair." She instructs. Reluctantly, I nod my head. She flashes a smile, before pulling out a needle. I'm not used to needles, but I don't panic as the sharp blade of the needle stings, breaking the skin. She lets the liquid in it slowly empty into my vein. For a second, I feel dizzy, maybe even a but woozy, before my mind shuts down.


My eyes open, radiating an almost emerald green color. I am in a light room. Two baskets stand infront of me, one with a wedge of cheese, the other with a knife. My hand twinges for the knife, yet I avoid it, avoiding all noises around me. Right now, there is no use for the knife, or for cheese.

A muddy-yellow dog, teeth bared, eyes glinting evily, approaches me. I have no knife, I have no cheese, both of with could've easily been used for this dog. Instead, I reach my hand out, petting behind its ears. It's eyes soften, and starts to nudge it's head against my hand.

Just as the dog starts to warm up to me, I see a little girl running towards me. The dog is back to growling again.

Without thinking, I put myself between the girl and the dog. Without another glance, the dog starts snapping it's pointed teeth and jaws at me... 

I stand on a bus, a man sitting next to me. He folds his newspaper, showing me the picture of a ruthless yet familiar looking man. The other man, looks to me, despair in his eyes.

"Do you know this man? Please, it could save me!" He asks, but before he can say anything else, I nod my head, clear as day.

"Yes. I have seen him before." I say, then everything around me goes black again.

The candor woman sits next to me, in a chair. Her dark brown hair sways to the left, as she cocks her head in a smile. I fear the words that she is about to say.

"Test results are....

You, Ms. Swift, are Abnegation."

My eyes go wide, and I swear everything goes black, again.


Not Dauntless.

I'm a stiff.


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