The boys have gotten themselves into trouble and they need a protective boy guard not just any bodyguard but a witch.


3. Chapter 3

"okay so anyone wants to share room or you want your own room?"

"I'll share room with Dawn" Linda said looking at me smiling..oh no i feel like she wants to talk about the shit that has happened to me.

After Louis gave me my key, Ashton helped Linda and I carry our suitcases up to our room. After that he left us alone.

"so you and long?had sex yet?" Linda looked down smiling biting her lip. I smiled climbing next to her

"oooooooooooooooooooo was he gentle rough?big, small?"

"damn girl so,many questions! how about you! had sex with any guys in New York?" I shook my head

"guys disgust me now"

"wait your going les.?"

"no. just not interest in any guys right now"

"not even any members of one direction?" I shook my head

"5SOS?" I shook my head again

"damn girl do you know how many people want to be in your position?!" 

"I know nor do I care...anyways here drink this" I snap my hand making a cup appeared I handed the cup to Linda and she smelt it

"no.I refuse! this is for your heart and head ache! from what I know this is your last batch too there's no way I can drink this"

"don't need it more I can tell,you lost most of your energy from the last demon you fought..drink it you'll feel better"

"no...seeing you suffer from the heartache is even worst!"

"just drink it! I haven't gotten those since 3 years I'll just go back to Magic World and ask Grandma" 

"but going to the magic world in the mortal world is hard..."

"just don't worry and drink it"

"no!...I'm your older sister. and I'm not going to drink it no- ow" she said holding her chest since I poked her there. I rolled my eyes I can see the way she's suffering

"you may be able to fool the guys but not you drink this or I'm going to do this the hard way" she fold her arms turning away. I sigh.always the hard way. 

I snapped my fingers making her arms go up.she tried to move but she was paralyzed.

"you forced me" I said. I snapped my fingers again making her mouth open. I poured the medicine in her mouth and closed her mouth. I then tickled her knowing once I unfreeze her she'll swallow it, I unfroze her, she swallowed the medicine and coughed.

"DAWN!" she yelled I smiled and she looked at me and hugged me.

"I love you.." she said I smiled and hugged her too. 

"sooo you honestly don't think any of the boys are hot? non? not even a little?" she asked I looked at her and she smiled

"okay I think Harry and Niall are the cutest to me from One Direction...and um Michael and Luke are alright too "


"NO don't you play match maker. nope" 

"come on please please please!!! "

"no Linda just don't I'm not into relationships at the moment"

"ugh did you hear that Harry has a 8 inch di-"


"okay okay I'll stop" she said looking straight at the T.V that's not even turned on

"I heard Michael has a big dick too!" she said as fast as she could and ran out of the room.

oh gosh.

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