The boys have gotten themselves into trouble and they need a protective boy guard not just any bodyguard but a witch.


2. Chapter 2

"so do you want us to help you pack?" Harry asked. I shook my head. and snapped my fingers making 2 suitcase appearing.

"all done" I said drinking my slushy smoothie. 

"Hey Dawn can you please change back to your real appearance this appearance just gives weird vibes" I sigh 

"damn you want this and that from me. one day back into my life and you want to change me already?" I asked, she looked down and bit the inside of her lip

"wait you mean this isn't how you look?" Mike asked, I shook my head.

"then how do you really look, I'm curious" Liam said, I sigh and closed my eyes snapping my hand. I said the spell and open my eyes. I looked in the mirror with disgust

"i look horrible." I said,I turned around seeing the guys starring at me without blinking

"what? I that ugly..let me turn back" I said closing my eyes

" you..your beautiful" Harry said, I smiled

"gorgeous" Niall said

"sexy" Luke added

"damn" Calum said, I laughed at all the comments

"well thanks for making me feel good about myself.."

"don't turn back your absolute gorgeous with your real self" Linda said smiling. I looked in the mirror again

"fine. just for a while.." 

"Well it's time to leave" Liam said picking my suitcases.

"SNOWY" I yelled and Snowy went flying in.

"What..the..dragon?! a fucking dragon..their real?!" Ashton asked Linda looking at snowy my little baby dragon.

"Snowy is a baby dragon ... Dawns pet the only witch that has a pet dragon" I smiled and petted Snowy.

"but can we bring's a dragon people are bo-" 

"don't worry, watch" I said cutting Zayn off and tapped Snowy on the head 3 times and Snowy turned into a white cat

"There ya go"

"does it bite?" Mike said ,I shook my head and he pet Snowy. Snowy smiled and let Mike pet her even more

"does it breathe fire?" 

"Snowy is a special elemental dragon it will breath any element out only when it senses danger" The guys all stopped petting snowy and Snowy jumped on me. I smiled hugging her. When we walked downstairs, Harry kept turning back to look at me. I smiled at him 

"so where are we headed?"


oh no..out of all place. no no no no

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