The boys have gotten themselves into trouble and they need a protective boy guard not just any bodyguard but a witch.


1. Chapter 1

"Finally home" I said laying down on my couch. I took my combat boots off and turned on the telly. Nothing to watch. I turned the telly down and turned on my radio.

"wooo"I yelled and turned the volume on. I grabbed my sketch book and started to finish my sketching of a skeleton body. I then got tired and stopped I grabbed my music book and reread the lyrics I wrote...hmm what else can I add to this song...ugh too much thinking. I threw the book to the floor going to my kitchen and started chopping some strawberry and banana . I crushed the big ice cubes and then placed them all in the mixer adding some sugar.

"you want to play you want to stay you want to have it all" I sang moving my hips while listening to Demi on the radio damn this song is catchy.

"DAWN" I jumped turning around seeing my older sister Linda with one direction and 5sos behind them? what the wicked hell.

"how in the world did you find me?! how in the world did you get in?" I asked looking at seeing I sort of dislike Linda and my other sisters..they make me hate myself in so many aspects but they love me..I just don't want their love.

"Dawn please not now we need your help...I visited grandma..and she had no choice either after me constantly begging but to tell me where you live." I rolled my eyes, so these boys know about magic..I rolled my eyes and went to the living room turning down the radio

"what in the world do you want?" I asked sitting down drinking my smoothie.. I grabbed the sketch book turning to a new page...I looked up seeing the guys looking around my apartment and Linda looking at me

"please Dawn they need your help...look this one here pissed off a demon..and now the demon and her crew is wanting to kill them" I looked at who she was pointing at and it was Harry oh the suppose man whore every is calling him.

"well sorry sis you know I swore that I would never use my powers ever again..."I answered looking dead in her eye and she looked at me sighing

"Dawn right? I'm Liam..nice to meet you..look not only is the demon hunting down Harry their trying to kill us too..they will kill anyone near Harry including your sister Linda do you want that to happen?" oh...yeah Liam the mature one...

"please help us..Linda told us how your powe-" wait that means their not....

"You told them your a witch?! you know that's against...wait which one are you dating?" I asked Linda she looked down and Ashton from 5sos raised his hand

"I'm dating Linda and I know were not suppose due to the fact she's a witch but I love her" he said..hmm he means it..

"please help us..." Zayn begged..I looked at Linda..she really cares about these boys

"why don't you get Eve or Beatrice to help you why me?" Linda looked at me with sorrow in her eyes...

"they captured them." she said looking at the the world

"when was this?....."

"4 days ago..not only that but they attacked me so badly that I'm still in the healing process..I'm still healing there's no way I can fend them off if they attack again..Dawn your my only sister left I need your help please"

..oh gosh

play time is over for me


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