Bad Boy Styles

Hey, my name is Lisa and I'm 16. I lived in L.A. but my dad's boss moved him in London and we had to move. He was military and hardly ever was at home. He was working all the time, while me and my bigger brother stayed at home with our mom. I didn't talk with her very much, we always had spats. I was a little bit scared from the school in which I'd study. It was one of the greatest in England, but I had to live in hostel at school and If I want I can go home at Saturday and Sundays. I had to have a roommate. I thought that everything's gonna be ok, but I've met him... The schools bad boy, Harry Styles.


2. Chapter 1

Lisa's P.O.V.

We arrived in London in the afternoon. It was Sunday, so I decided to go to the hostel today. My school was hostel and school in one. My mom and dad parked in front of three buildings. One pink, one blue and one dark red. We got out from the car, leaving my luggage in the boot. There was a sign " Hayward High School " . We got in the red one building. We went to the reception, there was a young woman. " Hello, we're here for the accommodation to our daughter Lisa Monroe. " said my mom. The woman smiled. " My name is Clarissa, your daughter will be on the second floor with Emma Rodriguez, room number 25. " She looked at me and smiled. " You'll get your stuff for school like books and pens, tomorrow. " She said. I nodded and my mom and dad went to get my luggage. I was feeling a little bit strange. Now, I won't live with my mom and dad, but I was happy because my brother studies here either. They backed and a piccolo got my luggage. I hugged my parents, said them "goodbye" and followed the piccolo. We got in the left and got out to the second floor, like Clarissa was told me. I knocked to the door on room number 25. A girl opened the door, she looked nice. " I'm Emma, get in. " She smiled and made me a way to get in. The room was average big. There were two beds, a plasma TV and two laptops. It was pink, but looked luxuriously.The piccolo left my luggage on the floor and got out. Emma sat on one of the beds. " Come, I want to show you a boy, he's in my class. " She smiled and I sat next to her. She showed me a picture of a beautiful and sexy boy with blond hair and brown eyes. " His name is Richard, he's in my class. " She smiled very hard. " In which class are you? " I asked her. " B, you? " . " Unfortunately, I'm in C " I answered and she looked at me terrified. " What? " I asked. " In your class is a boy, really dangerous boy.. You must stay away from him... " She said. " Who, why? " I thought that there're only good students, I didn't think there can be someone dangerous. " His name is Harry Styles. He's very dangerous, stay away from him! " She said and I nodded. She continued to looking at the picture of the boy, while I unpacking my luggage. When I was done, I sat next to her. " And now what? " I asked. " We have to go to the dining room, we have to eat our dinner now, because we have a curfew. " She said. " Are you kidding me? " I asked and we both laughed. We went into the dining room and of course, everyone were on groups. We didn't know anyone, so we sat on a table, alone. " This... Garry.. Is he here now? " I asked. " His name is Harry, and no, he isn't here right now. " She answered. " But doesn't that in the ruler? Why he is not here? " I asked confusedly. I was heard that if you break the ruler, you'll have really serious problems. " No, Harry doesn't complies any rules. Richard is in his group. " She said and I smirked. " Stay away from him, he's sooo dangerous... " I tried to look scared, but I started to laugh. " He wasn't such, before that devil came... " We both laughed. The waitress came and leave us our food. I didn't recognize it, so I decided to don't eat it. " You know what, I think I'm not hungry. " I said. " I'm never eating here. If you have money, we can buy pizza? " She said and I nodded. We got back into our room and ordered pizza. We turned the TV and started to watching a movie. Our pizza arrived, we payed and started to eat. When we were done, we continued to watching the movie. We talked about so much things. Someone knocked on the door. Emma opened and Clarissa got in. I smiled at her, but my smile was gone when she stopped our TV and Internet. " Wait, what are you doing?!!? " I asked angrily. " She's getting our life with her at 9.30 p.m. and backing to us at 6.30 a.m. with a terrible waking up. " She nodded vigorously and got out. " Seriously?!!? " I looked sadly at our phones, laptops and the TV. " I hate out curfew too, but unfortunately we can't do anything. " We got into our beds. " That's why Harry is breaking the rules... " I said. " No! Don't even think about it! Styles is very dangerous! Richard was normal before, but Harry is a devil from the day in which he was born! " She said and I nodded. " Okay, okay... Good night. " I said. " Good night. " She felt asleep, but I couldn't. I thought about so much things. I decided to break the rules tomorrow, I don't know how, but I'll get Emma whit me. It's not a big deal, I'll call my brother and he'll show us here. He'll meet us with a lot of people. Then I felt asleep...

* In the morning *

 I woke up by the sound of a trombone and I fell of the bed. I looked toward the noise and saw Clarissa. She was playing on a trombone. I grabbed a bottle and I threw it toward her. She got out of our room with a broken nose. I stood up and got into the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I was done I brushed my hair, which was usually curly. Then I went to the wardrobe. I opened it. In the weather forecast said that's gonna be average hot, so I decided to wear a blue skinny jeans with T-shirt with flowers and my white Converses. I put on mascara and a little bit lipstick. I made my bed and sat on it. " And? What now? " I asked Emma, who was ready either. " We'll wait to take us. " She said. " When? " . " At 7.20 a.m. " She answered. " WHAT?!?!?! Are you kidding me?! Now is quarter to 7!!! " I said angrily. " I know, this system is totally shit... " She said. We decided to watching TV. We turned it on and we saw Tom&Jerry and started to watching it. Someone knocked on the door and Emma and me stood up. " I think, it'll be better, if I see Clarissa first. " We both laughed and I nodded. Emma opened the door and I saw Clarissa, standing there with a plaster on her nose. I giggled and she looked at me angrily. She took us at the red building, Emma had gone to room 502, I to 625. I got in, everyone was sitting with someone. An old lady smiled at me and pointed the last desk. There was sitting a boy with curly hair and green eyes. I sat next to him and smiled. I put out the bored math and turned to him. " Hey, I'm Lisa. Nice to meet you. " He smiled, he had dimples. " Nice to meet you Lisa, I'm Harry. " 


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