Love vs Friendship

Draco and Hermione are together she must choose between her two best friends and her true love who will she must chose?please comment and say write you think, not too harsh its my first movella


6. Unwanted Visitors

 "Really"Hermione whispered,looking into his bright twinkling eyes,they started to lean in

when BANG! they immediately broke apart and stood up looking around them.

"Draco,come,we have something to discuss in privet."he said sounding worried and angry flickering his eyes to Hermione who looked relived.Draco nodded and turned to Hermione caressing her cheek with his finger 

he whispered"I'll be back soon,Mione."

"Be safe please,I love you"Hermione said looking at him

"I love you too"he walked away with Snape and she watched him go,slowly she laid back down on the grass and  gazed at the stars until she dozed off.

"How can you be soo irresponsible?You are putting her and yourself in grave danger,you will get yourself killed trying to protect her."Snape said"If you truly loved her.."

"Don't!of course I love her she loves me too,we're soo happy,my mother knows about this and she hasn't told anyone,I will never hurt her and I'll never put her in danger."Draco said his eyes filling with tears.

"I know you won't hurt her, but they know, your aunt knows,and they are planing on breaking in to Hogwarts tonight while Dumbledore isn't here to find Potter and kill all three of you and anyone else who stands in her way.MS Parkinson told your aunt when your mother didn't do anything."Snape sneered back at him"Anyway, the reason I wanted to talk to you was about you being a deatheater, your mother and I are spies for The Order,and me and your mother were hoping you would join us,but this is very dangerous work,if someone finds out we'll die. Snape said

"Yes I accept,Hermione knows my place of deatheater and how I don't want to be one,she trusts me"said Draco looking grateful."I need to go back to see Hermione,if the deatheaters are here then you should get Dumbledore."Draco said

"I've already did that,he's on his way"Draco nodded and made his way to the seventh floor,little did he know that he was being followed by Ron and Harry, who wanted to see Hermione. Draco stopped at the wall and closed his eyes a door appeared and he walked in.A bloodcurdling scream sent a shiver down his spine,someone was weeping.

"Crucio,Crucio,for the last time you filthy mudblood where is Potter?"Bellatrix shouted in Hermione's ear 

"I don't don't know.I haven't talked to him in ages"Hermione whimpered

"Don't lie to me mudblood,Cru....."

"Expelliarmas."Draco shouted

Bellatrix's wand flew out her hand as she stood looking shocked.Draco ran to Hermione and picked her up supporting her.

"Draco!How dare you.That is a mudblood,who shouldn't even exist!"Bellatrix snorted

"I don't care who she is I love her."Draco replied sheepishly.

"You love that?wait till the dark lord hears about this,if you don't go the same way as your father,I'll kill both of you myself."she shouted.She summoned him and within seconds he came.His snake like eyes opened,glaring at the scene.

"What is going on here?Where is Potter,we need him and nothing else,this may be our last chance to kill the boy."Voldemort hissed.

"I know my lord,I was torturing this mudblood in to telling me where Potter was,and Lucius's son came,disarmed me and claimed his love for that,"she said circling Draco and Hermione glaring at them."Now, my lord, I suggest we kill them both, starting with the mudblood to show young Draco  what happens to mudbloods."Bellatrix sneered.

"Do what you must but quick we have a mission to get on with."he hissed again

Draco looked helpless he held on to Hermione tightly and whispered "I love you Hermione and I'm sorry I have failed to keep you safe"

Bellatrix snorted and just as she raised her wand.....Severus came in and was watching giving Draco an apologized look.

"Avada...."Bellatrix yelped.

"Wait"Hermione let out a very weak wait.and everyone was looking at her with a puzzled expression.

Voldemort turned to look at her and hissed "What is it dear?what do you want?"

"I want...."Hermione let out ,Draco gave her nervous squeeze and thought to himself don't do anything silly Mione,please don't.

"Yes,dear?"Voldemort said patiently

"I want to be a deatheater,I want to be on your side."




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