Love vs Friendship

Draco and Hermione are together she must choose between her two best friends and her true love who will she must chose?please comment and say write you think, not too harsh its my first movella


2. Love is Reveled

Hermione rose up from her seat and followed his lead.The voice was very familiar to her but she couldn't remember whose it was, for the second time he lowered his head next to her ear and breathed"Don't be scared, you are safe, just keep your eyes closed, promise?" getting the same response as earlier, just a nod. He removed his hands from her eyes, she kept her promise, and he  blindfolded her he looked at her face, smiling to himself at her puzzled face.He picked her up like a baby cradling her in his arms. "this is going better then I thought." He thought to himself.When they came to the seventh floor and stopped at a wall he placed Hermione on her own feet but took her hand and then she knew that she was safe. Their hands locked, they were the perfect size for each other. Draco closed his eyes for a few minutes and then opened a Huge door appeared, and he walked in leading Hermione who glided behind him.He lead her to the middle of the room and told her to keep her eyes closed, and again she just nervously nodded once,as he took the blind fold off her, he hid behind her and whispered"open your eyes".hesitantly she opened her eyes, scared of what she was about to see. She was breathtaken, thousands of stars were above her head, in the middle there was a full moon, she could see the shining,glittering ocean bellow her as she was standing on the edge of the green mountain. She turned on the spot and saw him.

"Malfoy?" her voice edgy "This is a joke right?"she asked looking hurt

"No.... It is not a joke Mione, I swear I have loved you since I saw you, but I couldn't tell you, it was the only way to keep you safe, but now because my father was killed by voldemort himself, I want you to know."His voice was almost a whisper,he couldn't look at her anymore, to scared from her reaction.Instead she took several steps towards him and put his hand in two of hers.

Draco Malfoy, it is time you knew that I love you too."she said

He looked her in the eye and said

"Promise me you won't jump off the cliff or drown yourself."he said it in a jokey way, but his voice was quiet serious.

"I promise"she replied

Slowly he pulled his sleeve up without breaking eye contact to see her reaction.There tattooed on his arm in black, was the dark mark.She looked at him not knowing what to say until he broke the silence.

"I swear to you Mione, that I didn't want this. You see when my father failed in his mission voldemort gave to him, he used the crutiatis curse on him, until he died, as revenge on my father's failed  mission, voldemort turned me to a death eater and has given me a mission, to kill, to kill the man who made my years at Hogwarts the best, the man who I looked up to the most, the man which I felt safe around, and the price of this mission if I refuse or fail? Its my life Mione, mine and my mother's,who don't mind muggle borns, it was my father who dragged us into this mess, but I swear to you, no matter who I hurt, I will never hurt you. That is a promise."He had tears in his eyes. Hermione had tears streaming down her face, he wiped her tears away with his thumb. She reached up and hugged him and he cringed on to her feeling childish, but he knew she didn't feel he was a coward or a baby because next she whispered

"Don't worry Draco, we will get through this I promise, I will always be with you no matter what.



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