Love vs Friendship

Draco and Hermione are together she must choose between her two best friends and her true love who will she must chose?please comment and say write you think, not too harsh its my first movella


8. First kiss

Draco was sitting on the chair next to Hermione who was asleep,his head on the pillow resting next to hers their hands locked together. Hermione looked terrible she looked half dead,Draco looked as though he had been crying.

"Draco."Dumbledore said looking at him,Draco turned slowly looking at him

"Yes professor?"now I know you are a deatheater and have known since it happened."Dumbledore said noticing when Draco looked furiously at Snape"Just now professor told me how you like your mum, have decided to become a spy for the order,I want you to do just that and persuade Hermione to do it as well, but guide her and tell her about who else is in it,through the orders of professor Snape,but I must warn you,you must watch your moves,because professor Snape here has managed to stay undercover since Harry was born and we don't want to blow your covers,because we don't want deaths. Hermione will be alright by tomorrow,she just needs to rest."Draco nodded and Dumbledore and Snape left. Draco put his head on the pillow and fell asleep.

"Draco."he felt someone's warm lips on his cheeks"wake up..did you sleep here the whole night."Hermione whispered,looking at him

"I guess,how are you?are you alright?"He asked looking worried  as he sat up.

"I'm fine,but.."

"Why did you do it,Mione,why did you become a deatheater,we have lots of things to discuss, but not here."He wanted to know soo much but he knew they couldn't talk about it here.

"Madam Pomfrey,can you please come.I'm ready to leave."Hermione called from behind the curtains. Madam Pomfrey came"are you sure,you nearly died yesterday,if it were not for Draco here I'm not sure you would've made it"

"No, honest I'm fine"Hermione assured her.

"Well OK, if you're sure,but if you get any pain,come straight back!"Hermione agreed an walked out pulling Draco behind her.

"Where are we going?"he asked her 

"To the library,you said that we need to talk."Hermione said

"Oh,right "Draco said sounding confused.They got to the library and sat at a nearby table.

"you asked why I became a deatheater right?Draco nodded"well I realized that this was the only way to be with you,I promise you that wherever you are,whatever you do,whatever it takes or how my heart breaks,I will always be here for you Draco Malfoy,when you cry I will always wipe away your tears,when you scream I'll always fight away your fears,and I'll always hold your hand,because I love you Draco more then anything,and we will get through this together,if we live together,or die together,I'll always be with you. Hermione said 

"Hermione Granger,you are incredible,beautiful and smart,I love you too,and yes we will get through this together."Draco whispered to her.he leaned in and kissed her a passionate loving kiss which she returned, they broke apart laughing,smiling at each other.

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