Love vs Friendship

Draco and Hermione are together she must choose between her two best friends and her true love who will she must chose?please comment and say write you think, not too harsh its my first movella


7. Death or Deatheater

The whole room went quite and everyone was staring at Hermione. Draco looked paler than ever his expression horrified,Voldemort broke the silence

"well,my dear if that is your choice,then you and Draco will stay alive,however if you do betray me then you'll definitely lose you're life."Voldemort said looking happy with this. Hermione nodded weakly.Draco's expression was unreadable

"Forgive me my lord,but she doesn't  have pureblood,how could she possibly...."Bellatrix hesitated

"She'll be very useful to us,I have also heard that if it were not for her Potter will not be alive,aside from myself we need brains and bloodlust on our side,and I have heard that young Hermione is the brightest witch of her age,so we need her on our side no matter her blood status."Voldemort said Bellatrix nodded and walked back

"Hold out your arm dear."Hermione did as she was told,Draco was still by her side,supporting her as she was in a lot of pain and couldn't stand herself.Within seconds the dark mark was tattooed on her arm and she fell to the floor and closed her eyes, the room was still silent as Voldemort said"This changes things we'll retreat,but when I give you orders, you'll do them,Understood?"Snape and Draco nodded and Hermione just grunted.Voldemort and his fellow deatheaters left leaving a gush of black smoke behind them as Dumbledore along with Harry and Ron came bursting in,looking worried,

"Is everything alright?"as Dumbledore saw Draco cradling Hermione in his arms."MR Malfoy take MS Granger to the hospital wing,Severus please come we have matters to discuss. Snape was still looking at Hermione in a very shocked way,this was noticed by Harry and Ron.Draco took Hermione in his arms to the hospital wing,while Dumbledore left with Snape. Harry was left with Ron

"I wonder what happened,something definitely happened did you see the way Snape was looking at Hermione and Malfoy looked as though he was crying...."Ron said

"It's happened she's one of them,Ron, Hermione's a deatheater."Harry muttered looking at his shoes.

"No, it can't have happened,you-know-who,doesn't like muggleborns."Ron said

"We should of been there for her,we should've made friends with Draco then maybe our bestfriend wouldn't be in danger."Harry muttered. He and Ron left the room and headed back to their common room.feeling guilty.

"So the girl is a deatheater now?"Dumbledore said"So now we have Harry,Hermione and Draco that we need to protect,all three of them are in grave danger,I knew something like this was going to happen when Harry and Ron turned on her."

"What do we need to do now,Albus,I think you should remain alive..."Snape suggested

"No,the plan will go one,but promise me one thing you will continue to protect all three of them,no matter what.".

"I promise, but they Draco and Hermione,they remind me of me and Lily, and how I made all the wrong mistakes,what if I make the wrong mistake again I..."Severus whispered he was in pieces since he let Lily go,because of him she died,so he is doing risking his life protecting Harry.

"Severus,you have realized your mistake,and I doubt Lily hates you,I just think you should admitted your feeling for her,before James came,but you didn't so she was taken from you,but Draco and Hermione are you and Lily all over again,except...I don't think Lily would have become a deatheater,Hermione's love for Draco must be really true,so we must convince both of them to join yourself and  Narcissa into becoming spies for the order at least they'll have protection when I'm no longer there anymore"

"Draco knows,I told him minutes before he found Hermione being tortured, he accepted the request,so Hermione will accept as well because I know she will never betray her friend,and she has no desire to be a deatheater,that is sorted."Snape said.

"Well we should go and see how they are doing in the hospital wing,I could tell Ms Granger was hurt greatly from that Bellatrix."Dumbledore suggested. Snape just nodded and followed Dumbledore to the hospital   

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