Love vs Friendship

Draco and Hermione are together she must choose between her two best friends and her true love who will she must chose?please comment and say write you think, not too harsh its my first movella


5. change

It had been a month since Hermione and Draco first starting dating and people have started getting used to them being together all the time. Hermione was still not talking to Harry or Ron, the only people who she did talk to aside from Draco was Ginny and Luna who said they thought that Hermione and Draco were a  very cute couple.Draco and Hermione planned on going to their secret place again to talk things over.

Hermione walked in to the room and found Draco there gazing at the sky, the starts twinkling on his pale white face his hair messy the way she liked it. She tiptoed quietly and lay down next to him their hands winding in between them.Until he whispered"Remember in our third year, when you punched me and called me a loathsome and evil little cockroach."he said chuckling."that was something I wasn't expecting since when were you violent."

"Well, that year you were an absolute pain, you were asking for a punch,although I admit that is when I first liked you, at the beginning of our 3rd year.

"Really?"he looked suprized

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