Love vs Friendship

Draco and Hermione are together she must choose between her two best friends and her true love who will she must chose?please comment and say write you think, not too harsh its my first movella


4. Arguments

"Hermione!He is a deatheater"shouted Ron and Harry together as they followed her from breakfast to care for magical creatures she was running down the steep hill,tears were streaming down her eyes, as she stopped and turned to face them.

"Look, she said I love Draco and it happened,there is nothing you can do about it so get over it, I still want to be best friends with both of you, you know that don't you, I don't want to spoil everything we had because of my true love, I would like us all to be friends, but it can't happen if you keep spreading rumors about Draco."She knew that Draco was a deatheater but he didn't want to be, it was forced. "Harry, why do you think he is deatheater,tell me and I'll prove you wrong" she challenged sounding cheeky.

"OK, well for a start his father was one so it only makes sense that he is one too"he said, looking straight into her eyes.

"That is not a good enough reason,Harry,but please can we please stay friends?"

"Of course, you are one of us Mione, and we'll always be there for you."said Harry regrettably

"Hold up Harry, I get a say in this as well,and I say no, no because you are dating our enemy, someone who is with voldemort to kill Harry, you go with your precious Malfoy.I can't believe it! him of all people, Hermione,you chose Malfoy, someone who hurt you soo much in the past...

"You stop right there Ronald,don't you dare talk to me about the past around me, the past is the past it stays there!"

"Its him or us, Hermione, we cant all be friends, make your choice!"Ron screamed at her, she glared at him and flicked her eyes to Harry who didn't know what to say.

"OK!I will, and I choose him, so goodbye and have a good life without me!"she screamed back she ran down the hill with both of them chasing her.

"COME BACK THIS IS NOT OVER!!"screamed Ron behind her.

she continued to run until she fell in someone's arms, she looked up and saw it was Draco she hugged him tight to her, as Harry and Ron caught up.

"What's wrong Mione?" Draco asked he studied her face and knew that she had been crying.

"I want them two to stay away from me!"she glared at them, while Draco was walking forward towards them,she held on to him to stop him fighting, as she didn't want him to get hurt.

"Well you heard her,GO!and if you ever go near her without her permission... well you'll be sorry."

"Since when did you give us orders Malfoy!"hissed Ron He punched him around the face leaving him bleeding, and casually walked away.Harry was there watching Hermione help Draco up and take him to the hospital wing.

"Where are you going, Mione?"asked Harry

"None of your business, Harry, as I told you I made my choice and I chose him, explain that to Ron and keep him away from us!"and those were the last words she spoke to her best friends for a very long time. 

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