Ever since she was little, Izzy has been in Parklington's travelling circus. She's the flyer, flipping through hoops, dangling from trapeze and walking the tightrope. But when an accident occurs, will she still be able to pursue her dream?


4. Hospital

I lay in a stone cold bed, yet the stifling heat flooded the room. I couldn't feel my legs, or arms. Oh god! Was I paralysed? I looked by me, a doctor with a high, dark bun was chatting to two policeman. What was going on? The doctor turned around, knocking a cup of water off the table and spilling all over the floor. She ignored it and spoke to me,

"Hi Izzy, how are you?"

How was I? Not so good!

"F....fine, well n....not r....eally, What's w....rong with me?"

The doctor sighed, cleaning up the water with a J cloth.

"You suffered a small fit after you fell, and now well...."


"Well what? Just tell me!"

The policeman looked over, the one with a floppy fringe smiled, the one with the gelled back hair barked,

"Look Miss Evans, you are a very poorly little girl...."

"I'm fifteen!"

"Yes Miss Evans, but I'm afraid your injuries were fatal."

"But I'm alive!"

"Yes, but, well we managed to save you, however, I'm so sorry, Izzy Evans you are paralysed."

It was like all of my nightmares, had suddenly become tangible.

"But, what about the circus, what if they can't find another flyer? I'm the flyer!"

I screamed in anguish, I tried to stand up, but crashed to the ground promptly.

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