Broken, But Picking Up The Pieces (Hetalia)

Maddy and Alice have been having some trouble with their relationship. (Hetalia, Fem!UKCan)


3. Chapter 2: "Welcome back then..."

Third Person POV

"It's nice to meet you both... My name is Madeline Williams..." She says shyly.

"I haven't seen you around here before... Did you just move here?" Daniel asks.

"Um, oui, it's been twelve years since I've been in Canada..." She replies.

"Welcome back then, Madeline..." Sean says with a smile.

Maddy looks at him smiling and blushes lightly. Daniel whispers something to Sean and Sean nods.

"Sorry, Maddy, I gotta get goin', but Sean can keep you company..." He smiles at her, then leaves.

Once Daniel leaves, Sean looks at Maddy. "Would you like to go to my place?" He asks her, his voice sweet and gentle sounding.

"O-Oui, that's fine..." She says with a shy smile.

He holds out a hand for her, and she takes it. He leads her back to his home, offering her a drink and they both have some wine.

That's where her memories stop.


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