Broken, But Picking Up The Pieces (Hetalia)

Maddy and Alice have been having some trouble with their relationship. (Hetalia, Fem!UKCan)


2. Chapter 1: Out Of It

Chapter 1: Out of it...

Canada's POV~

When I arrived back in Quebec, I caught a cab and went back home. While I was in the cab, I did a lot of thinking. Alice really broke my heart, I love her, and I thought she loved me back. Is Derek sad his Mamá left him? I hope not...

When I arrive home, I unpack my things and let Kumarie out of her carrier to move around the house. It is nice to be back in Quebec though...

As soon as I finished unpacking, I decided to make pancakes. But we don't have any maple syrup... I guess I have to go out then. I pick up Kumarie, slip my shoes on, grab my purse, phone and keys, and head out the door.

I started walking to the grocery store, and when I arrive, two men around my age smile at me. I blush and shyly smile back. The blond beckons for me to walk over and I do.

"Hey beautiful~" The blond says to me, and I blush at his statement, the dark brunette rolling his eyes, the blonde's American accent quite audible.

"B-Bonjour..." I reply, looking at Kumarie.

"Stop embarrassing the girl, idiot..." The brunette says to the blond.

"My name is Daniel Gregory, and Mr. Moody here is Sean Kendrick..." The blonde, or Daniel, says.


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