Broken, But Picking Up The Pieces (Hetalia)

Maddy and Alice have been having some trouble with their relationship. (Hetalia, Fem!UKCan)


1. Broken, But Picking Up The Pieces


"Madeline, we need to talk..." Alice says, entering their five year old son Derek's room, where Maddy is playing with him.

"A-Alright, amour..." She says, almost cringing hearing Alice say her full name, but standing and exiting the room with her. "What is it?"

"Maddy, I think we need a divorce... We're just not in love with each other like we used to be... We don't hug or kiss, or even touch..." Alice says quite bluntly, her forest green eyes staring straight into Maddy's violet ones.

Maddy feels her eyes tear up, and she looks down at her sock-clad feet. "O-Oui, I-I understand, Alice... Wh-When would you like me to l-leave?" She asked shakily, and quietly.

"As soon as possible would be best..." She said coldly.

"O-Oui..." She says quickly, before swiftly going downstairs to their former room, and packing her things.

As soon as she is finished, she goes to the door, suitcase and pet carrier with her, when she feels a tug on her dress hem. She looks down to see Derek.

"Oui, darling?"

"Mamá, where are you going?" He asks, his eyes filled with worry.

"Mamá has to go for now..." She says, kneeling next to him, and kisses his forehead.

"When are you coming back?"

"I'm not sure, sweetie..." She smiles, kisses his forehead once more and hugs him, then leaves.

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