“I thought about how there are two types of secrets:
the kind you want to keep in, and the kind you don't dare to let out.”
- Ally Carter

"you're the beauty to his beast,
dont let him fool you though,
he sure as hell wont turn
into a prince in the end."


1. Chapter 1

Isabelle's P.O.V
"so.. have you decided whether or not you're coming?" amber's curios voice rang through my cellphone that was situated on my desk, it on loud speaker as i sorted through the clothes in my dresser.

it was Friday night and just like the other following Fridays that had passed by, i had been invited to yet another party that i had no interest in attending. most times i come up with excuses that i pull out of thin air just for the pure purpose of getting out of going. it's not like i don't want to go it's just because no matter how hard i tried, i would always get caught sneaking out some way or another and i'd always be punished, either grounding or having everything that was important to me taken away; phone, laptop, TV, really anything that kept me going on a daily basis or allowed me to have contact with people that remained outside of this house.

"I don't know if i can amber, you know my family, they are always on my back about what I'm doing." i sighed in utter defeat. i just wished my parents were a little less up tight about absolutely everything and actually allowed me to live like a normal teenager, you know? i mean it's not like i'll be living under this roof for much longer, i do leave for college this coming Monday which is around three hours away in the state of California so when i think about it, they actually can't ground me for too long.

"pretty, pretty please." amber whined, the sound of a revving engine rippled through the silence on the other end, knowing her, she's probably picked up some random kid that is attending the same party and decided to ride on his motorcycle or any other automobile, poor kid probably thinks he's going to get into her pants. the sound of footsteps nearing snapped me out of my thoughts, directing my attention fully onto my cellphone.

"sh, i think my mom's coming into my room." i silenced her, jumping across my bed towards my desk to mute the phone in case my mother said anything rude, knowing she isn't too fond of amber due to amber's 'delinquent' ways.

instantly my mother appeared in the doorway of my bedroom with a grin plastered on her delicate features, "hey hun, any plans for tonight?" she asked politely, i just shook my head in response, moving a loose strand of hair to behind my face, "well, your father and I have decided to go out for dinner," she continued, "so please stay here and look after the house."

"i will, what about Stella?" Stella was my typical moody, tumblr obsessed and self absorbed sixteen year old sister, we fight constantly but we trust each other with our lives, yes we bicker and go at each other more than any siblings normally do but at the end of the day we are always there for each other to lean on.

"i'm pretty sure she's having some friends over, but you're in charge so if they get a little out of hand, you have every right to drive them home." she assures me, i smile running my hand through my hair.

"it's not like they'll come out of Stella's room anyways." i replied, mom chuckled nodding her head in agreement, it was true though they come, they say hi and then come upstairs and the only time you see them again is when they are hungry and come down to the kitchen to stuff their faces but even then, they take the food up to her room.

"exactly, now are you going to be alright, we can stay home if you like." she started again, giving me a stern look.

"mom, i'm nineteen years old, i'm sure i'll be just fine." i say, this time reassuring her. she strutted over to me and pulled me into a tight embrace, "i am going to college on Monday, i need to learn how to fend for myself, even though i already know how to."

"I know,  your father and i are very proud of you hun, big college girl." she sniffled, "we are going to miss you so much when you leave." she whispered, pulling out of the embrace but still holding my shoulders, looking me dead in the eye, tears threatening to fall.

"don't cry mom, i'll still visit you a lot, i don't leave for another two days and i'll still be here Monday morning." i giggled at her reaction as she kept weeping, "stop crying you dork, you're going to ruin your make up!" shrugging my shoulders free, i walked over to my desk, grabbing a tissue and padded back towards her handing the tissue to her so she could wipe away the tears that forbade her and spilled down her cheeks. one second she's happy and then next she's crying, unbelievable.

"you're right, you're right." she sniffled once more, scrunching the tissue in her hand, "well, you're positive that you're okay looking after the girls?"

"mom, i'm going to be fine, now go, dad's waiting for you isn't he?" i spoke in a serious tone, hoping she'd leave, she nods before standing up and pulling me into another embrace, kissing my forehead without saying anything else and strutted out my door after discarding of the tissue in my bin. it's as if god had personally heard my mental cries and prayers and then answered them in the simplest way possible.

i sat at the end of my bed in silence, patiently waiting for the sound of the front door to be shut indicating that my parents had finally left, and after about five minutes it did. i sprang up from my seat and sprinted to my phone, taking it off of mute.

"amber!" i half screeched, "do you think you could get here in about half an hour with luke?" i continued, trying to contain my excitement, for once i'm going to be a normal teenager and im going to party my ass off, (not like i haven't before, it's just extremely rare). she squealed on the other side of the phone and i scrunched up my face even though i know she couldn't see.
"yes definitely, be ready!" she squealed again.

"i will be, see you soon" i chuckled, pressing my thumb against the 'end call' button and chucking it on charge before prancing down the hallway to my sisters room swinging her bedroom door open to find her sprawled out on her bed, eyes glued to the laptop in front of her, i shook my head glancing around her room looking at all the dirty clothes puddling on the floor and countless food wrappers just sitting there.

"i don't know about you guys but, I'm going out tonight for once." i smiled, she groaned probably because she had to take her attention off of her laptop for to seconds to have an actual conversation for once.

"good for you, is that all you came to tell me." she rolled her eyes and mumbled something that i couldn't quiet get a hold of, probably a string of profanities with my name somewhere among them.
"no, also if i find out that you or your friends were in my room, you're laptop will be a pile of metal." i said and meant it, "i don't mind you but if your friends so much as touch my door handle your phone will be going down with your laptop." 

"okay okay, is that all?" she groaned, completely oblivious to the fact i was still in her doorway.
"yes, but please don't make a mess either, i was the one put in charge and it will be my head on a silver platter if mom comes home to it trashed," i said, running a hand through my hair.

"okay Belle, i promise i'll keep it clean and i won't let them near your room." she sighed in defeat, knowing her arrogance wouldn't make me leave faster, "what time am i covering you until?"

"well it's nine thirty now and amber's coming in an hour and i'll probably be back around twelve thirty, i don't want to be gone too long." i admitted, as much as i loved parties i was a sucker for my own bed and a sucker sleep.

"can you get us McDonald's on your way home?" she cracked a grin showing her whole set of teeth and took her hands off of her keyboard, (can you say miracle?), and placed them in front of her face together, fake praying.

"no way shithead, feed yourself?" i scoffed.
"well that's a shame, i was really willing to cover for you-"

"okay fine, text me what you guys want around twelve and i'll try to pick it up on my way home," i laughed in defeat, shaking my head at her, "remember to tell your little friend Amy that i'm asleep and not to bother me." she nodded, knowing the drill. Amy just happened to be her best friend and also her parents just coincidentally had to be close with my parents as well and that little girl couldn't be trusted with anything.

"okay thank you, tomorrow it's a sisters day out by the way so keep it open," she smiled as i nodded my head, before shutting the door to her room, letting her bask in her own mess that she calls a room.

i walked into the bathroom shutting the door behind me and tying my hair up into a messy bun and stripping myself of the clothes i was wearing before stepping into the shower, letting the warm water haze down my back, relaxing my muscles.

after that was done, i wrapped the towel around my figure before shoving my clothes into the hamper and skipping towards my room, glancing at my closet. having a successful fashion designer as a mom had it's perks, always had something to wear to any out of the blue parties or dates.

i wasn't much of a dress type girl so after about five minutes of skimming though the racks, my eyes caught a glimpse on a piece from my mothers new collection, 'rebellious teen', how ironic. i scoffed to myself.

discarding of the towel onto the floor, i put on a bra and a pair underwear before i pulled the jet black leather shorts on along with a long sleeve black crop top that had gold studs on the cuffs and knee high black boots. a generous amount of my skin was showing in between my top and shorts but not enough to fall under the 'she's a slut' category.

now time for the make up and hair i thought before pulling out my bag from my desk draw and sitting down in front of the mirror and pulling out everything i owned looking for the perfect shade for my lids and perfect lip stick to match. light foundation (too hide any minor flaws), mascara, smokey eye and red lipstick was perfect for tonight.

pulling my hair out of the bun, i let it fall down my shoulders and under my breasts, admiring my hombre hair i decided to leave it how it was, thanking god that it actually looked nice natural with loose curls at the ends, showing off the transformation from dark brunette to light blonde.

i stood up strutting to the full length mirror that hung directly in front of me on my wall, i looked amazing if i do say so myself. well as amazing as i could look in under half an hour.

tonight the odd's where in my favor and i was definitely going to take advantage of them because it's only one in a blue moon that something this good happens.

i stuffed my phone in the depths of my back pocket along with a wad of money for the McDonald's i was made to buy. clicking my window lock free i slid it open to the maximum so there was enough room for my entirety to fit through without getting caught on anything.

feeling the chilly night air hit my cheeks i tiptoed across the roof panels, stopping before my sisters bedroom window to peer in knowing that her friends had shown up while i was in the shower. she glanced at me and widened her eyes, horrified, before i gestured for her to get her friends attention so i could sneak past to get to the tree that was conveniently sitting at the roof height. she grabbed her laptop and opened a photo of one direction and forced her friends' wandering eyes to stare at it. i took their squeals of excitement as my queue to sneak past unnoticed.

i shook my head at the hormonal girls squealing over boys that are way to old for them or already in a relationship, no matter how many times i tell them to get over it, they end up knee deep in their merchandise again.

grabbing the branch to the tree, i hooked my leg over it, shuffling down until i was able to swing my legs off and land on solid ground.

the horn of a car sounded from across the streets as headlights illuminated the darkness, a sly smirk spread across my face as i run towards the familiar car that was owned by my boyfriend Luke. i swung the passenger door open ducking in quickly and shutting it behind me.

i was greeted by Luke grabbing my face in his hands and smashing his lips to mine, prying my mouth open with his tongue to deepen the kiss, exploring my mouth as i kissed back.
amber chuckled to herself in the back seat for no apparent reason.

pulling apart, he placed his hand on my thigh, smirking. "hello to you too baby," i chuckled before slightly lifting my ass off of the seat to pull my phone from my pocket that just happened to vibrate half way through our heated make out session.

From: Stella Bells
fuck that was a close call, be more careful next time. xo
i rolled my eyes, texting back.

To: Stella Bella
sorry sis, didn't wanna risk going down the hall. heard them come in while i was in the shower, be home at 12:30 am. xo
i went to put my phone back into my pocket but it vibrated once more.

From: Stella Bella
try not to get pregnant tonight please, not ready to be an auntie
have fun and try not to get into too much trouble. xo
i tried to stifle my laughing as i thumbed out a response

To: Stella Bella
i'll try my hardest not too, shithead.
have a good night, xo

this time i shoved it back into my pocket, knowing i wasn't going to get a reply. i looked up from my lap to see we were already pulling up outside of the house. jumping out of the car, i didn't bother waiting for the other two as they always took forever to join me.

the odds were definitely in my favor tonight, everyone i knew was here and some i didn't know, they were playing beer pong, smiling, laughing, dancing, grinding, singing, anything anyone could think of as the music blared through the speakers at a deafening high, the room was covered in a thick cloud of smoke.

"fuck yes." i whispered to myself as i maneuvered my way through the sweaty bodies that crowded the place, finally i was back at a party.

i reached the table that contained buckets of ice that held beer or any alcoholic substance the hosts could find. i dug through the bucket, ignoring the numbing pain of the coldness as i wrapped my fingers around an unfamiliar can and pulled it out, the label was still unfamiliar but it didn't bother me, i was only having one or two drinks because i know i'll be the one driving home.

lifting the tab, i opened the can not daring to smell it knowing i'd back out from the foul smell. bringing it to my mouth, i downed it, resisting the urge to throw up from the disgusting taste that followed. the familiar burn erupting and running down to my stomach instantly calming me ten times over. scrunching the can, i discarded it to the floor.

"Isabelle?" i turned around to find amber standing there, gawking at me in disbelief at what i had just done, her eyes nearly popping out of her head, "girl have you gone crazy?!" she gulped, i furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

"what do you mean?" i asked, curiosity laced in my voice, but she didn't reply instead she, swallowed loudly, her whole body still. what was she doing, why was she so scared?
a light tap on the shoulder brought me back to reality, causing me to tear my gaze off of amber's frightened features to find out who the person was.

"what" i half screeched in frustration because amber was ignoring me and someone just felt the need to touch me, i don't do well with my personal space being invaded.

"i do believe that you just stole my last drink." the unfamiliar male spoke in a husky voice, his light brown hair standing off of his head in a perfect quiff, a plain white t-shirt adorning his chest, leather pants baggy as ever hanging half way down his legs, jet black supras and two gold chains hanging from his neck, i gotta say, he had style.

"and i care because? there is plenty more." i scoffed, gesturing towards the table beside me that was full of alcoholic beverages.

"but they aren't mine." his devious smirk grew on his plump lips as i swallowed the saliva gathering in my mouth, "you're going to have to repay me, shawty." his tongue parted his lips swiping over them giving them moisture as he chuckled darkly. my hand instantly plunged into the bucket of ice at my feet and pulled out a drink that somewhat resembled the previous one i had just sculled, i shoved it against his chest. arching an eyebrow, his hand reach up to hold the can in place as i left go and wiped my hand down his shirt to dry my saturated hand.

"consider yourself repaid, shawty." i put emphasis on the word shawty, emulating him from beforehand. i turned around and grabbed amber by the wrist pulling her in the opposite direction from the obnoxious stranger.

"what is your problem." amber spat, causing me to widen my eyes.

"what is my problem? excuse you, I was not the one that froze and I did not go all silent on you." i spat back, her bewildered expression grew.

"you don't know who that is do you?" she whispered, i just shook my head in response, clenching my jaw. quite frankly, i couldn't give a damn as to who that was, he was annoying and i don't take well to annoying people.

"that was Justin Bieber." amber whispered, my stomach felt as though it had plummeted fifty feet below and had no intentions of returning just from that single name being mentioned. 

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