Riding On Dixon's Wings

[Rated Red 16+ for adult language and situations.] Brittany had been on her own since the world went to hell, and she liked it that way. She could forget her past and live in the present. What happens when her past comes crashing back down around her?


1. Running For My Life

***A/N: I wrote this after not having slept for over 24 hours. Forgive anything that doesn't make sense right away or misspellings. I will be coming back to this chapter and revising. <3 ~Elphie***




    Erin had been walking for forever when she saw the store front she had been looking for labeled 'Dollar Store'. She lived in this town once for a few years...felt like a decade but that was way before the world went to hell. She slipped in unnoticed by any of the few lingering walkers in the area. The place had been abandoned when she lived here everything lay untouched from the 1960's other then some dust that would screw with her allergies the place was safe. She made a sweep just to ease her nerves and then found the staircase leading to the apartment above. She winced when the last stair creaked she slowly opened the main door and did a quick sweet of the main room then the bathroom and lastly the bedroom. When she again found nothing she shut and locked the main door then plopped herself on the couch finally relaxing.


    She woke up to darkness and frowned, she'd fallen asleep without realizing it. She streched out then sat up grabbing her bag from the floor she dug for a candy bar she had swiped from a store a few towns back. Once she found the chocolate bar she broke off a row and stuffed the rest into a zip lock bag, shoving it back into her bag for later. She munched finishing off the row slowly and staring into the darkness in front of her she pulled her Ipod from her pocket and opened up her Ibook app. She pulled up a story she'd been reading thanking god she had saved a few and thought to grab her car charger. She laid back down as she read, eventually dozing off again for the rest of the night.


    This time she jumped awake when her Ipod hit the floor when she let go of it in her sleep. Erin rubbed her blue eyes awake and picked the electronic device, pressing the top button to light up the screen she checked the time, 9:00AM. the sun was up and it was time to get a move on she still had at least two days and six hours left considering it was 162 miles to Atlanta. So 24 hours times two would make 48, then 54 minus 48 would be six so two days and six hours if she still knew how to do basic math correctly. There were a lot of areas where she would only have cars for cover, well, okay so that would be most of the way there. So she wanted to get as much ground covered while there was still sunlight shinning. She wasn't going to go into the city but she needed to see for herself that there really was no refugee center. She could have easily gotten to Cincinnati quicker and safer but that's not where people she cared about might be and she was better off on her own until she found her parents anyway, if she found them. When she stopped by the house it was clear they had left for the city so she was only worried they had made it out again if everything had went to shit.




The sun was beating down on Erin's paper white skin slowly turning it a soft pink then dark red. The girl didn't tan she only burned. One bad thing about the apocalypse is that she was a dumb ass when it came to needs like her skin. She was more focused on finding food, water and shelter to think about trying to snag some sun screen so she didn't fry to death. It was four in the afternoon and she could see Atlanta in the distance and from what she could see already she didn't dare venture any further. The red head sighed and looked around her she squinted thinking she saw fast movement and took her crossbow off her back, walkers could be dealt with a knife but this was a little too fast for her liking and there was no way in hell she was firing her gun off this close to the city even if she could run she didn't wanna take any risks. She stood absolutely still facing the way she came. Silence drug on for what seemed like forever until she decided she could deem it safe enough to make a move. Whatever it was it must have just been her imagination. She swiftly made her way back toward the last town she had come across. After only a few more steps she saw the movement again, this time she knew it definitely wasn't her imagination she raised her crossbow again as she stalked toward the sight slowly and quietly. She lowered her weapon when she saw it was two men. A small looking Asian guy who looked about her age and an older man to be around his mid forties. Both men looked up at her quickly getting to their feet she noticed the older of the two has a sheriffs uniform on she tilted her head a bit as he raised his gun at her. She shook her head in response. "No need, I won't make an sudden moves on ya. I'm Erin, I came here to check out the refugee center." The younger Asian laughed lightly. "You mean the death trap?" Erin nodded. "Seems so...." The older man looked her over then nodded as he lowered his gun. "I'm Rick, this is Glenn. We just stopped to take a rest on our way back to camp."


  Erin blinked again. "You've set up camp this close to the city?" Glenn looked weary. "Not too close really...just down at the rock quarry a ways. You're uhh...welcome to join us." Rick nods. "We could use an extra set of hands that knows how to use a weapon and you don't need to be on your own out here. No one does." Rick asked Erin a series of questions on the way back as Glenn just listened. Rick nodded at something the girl had said. "So where are you from?" Erin sighed. "A little bit of everywhere but McCaysville, Georgia is where I consider home or...did rather." Glenn looks over that the girl and hums. "We've got two.....a guy in our group from McCysville I think, maybe you know him." Erin scrunches her nose as they come up on camp. "Maybe but I doubt it. Didn't know many people." Glenn frowns and shrugs. "Come and meet everyone." Erin watches as what appear to be Rick's son and wife come running up to them and hug him, Glenn drops off the supplies they had at the RV and then introduces Erin to the group one by one.




    Erin smiled and laughed lightly at a really stupid joke the blonde next to her, Amy, told as she made arrows. Lori, who she had found to be the woman hugging Rick, as she assumed his wife, came over and asked for Amy's help with something she didn't catch. She was too busy regretting looking up in the first place. Because that's when she saw two people she thought and hoped she would never see again. Daryl Dixon and Shane Walsh.




***A/N 2(long but PLEASE READ): I didn't want to give anything away in this chapter, I wanted you to sort of get the feel of her journey the best I could without repeating the word she too much, I hate repeating words so much! I'm really bad at getting my thoughts into full chapters and such so I hope this made sense and stuff. It's going to start out slow slow slow! There is one thing I didn't mention in the first A/N and that is that this is going to be a Daryl DixonxOC and somewhat Shane WalshxOC story. I'm not sure yet how far I'll keep Shane in this and basicly she didn't orignaly get introduced to Shane because he was down at the lake and wasn't introduced to Daryl beacuse he was out hunting. This all takes place after Glenn finds Rick and Rick has already been pretty much settled in. Please please please throw some reviews and maybe even some ideas my way I'd love to hear from you! <3 ~Elphie

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