Should I stand a chance?

Should i stand a chance;
is about a Japanese mother who has a husband Amon and dies in the war after the mother's first child Hosi turns fifteen and then later on receives a disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and becomes very ill then dies. After the death of Hosi, the Japanese mother then has her second child Amaya who has just turned five and so the mother has the decision to leave Japan and go to Australia so Amaya and herself gan have a better life. But as they arrive to Australia it had just gotten worse the Japanese mother and Amaya would sit out on the balcony in the streets and they would beg. Will they get all the wealth they will need? Will someone bravely go up to them and give them the support they would both need to have?


1. Everything is all gone wrong.

The  war  has   just  began, and  my  husband Amon had  joined the war,  and   yet  I   don’t  think  he  should  go  but Amon and  I  had  no  choice. I  just had  my  first  child  Hosi, she  has   just  turned  fiveteen. When  the  war  had  ended  I  recieved  a  letter   from  the   governmental  war,  It  stated  clearly that  by  the  recent  deaths  my  husband  had  died . I  had  no  idea  what  to  do next, I  was  one  month  pregnant  with  my  second  child  and  now  things are  getting  harder  for  me  now  that  my  husbamd  has died  there is  nothing  left  to   feed   my   family. Hosi  has  recemtly  turned  eighteen  and  has  been  effected   with  a  disease  callled  ‘ Hashimoto’s  Thyroiditis’, she  has  become  very  ill  and  then  afterwards died, my  second  child  Amaya  has   just  turned   five  and   yet  I  don’t  know  what  to  do. I   have  no   food    for  me  or  Amaya  to  survive  and  that  is  where  I  came  up  with  the  crazyest  idea. I  thought  that  if   I   left  my  own  country  with  Amaya  we  both  might  even  have  a  better  life.  


Today  was  the  day  that  me  and  my  daughter  were  going  to  leave  Japan  and  arrive  in  Australia. When  we  both   got  there  it  was  very  crowded  and  people  did  not  speak  the  same  as  my  daughter  and  I  did.  As  soon  as  the  monsterous  crowd   was   gone  Amaya  and  I  sat  down  on  the  balcony  in  the  streets . Then  a  couple  of   people  walked  by  and  I  sat  my  daughter  down  safely  and  I  started  begging  to  some  people. And   I   asked   if   they  could   give  me  and  my  daughter  some  money, to  buy   food    for  me  and  Amaya.  As   I  was  begging  to  recieve  money,  no  one  seemed  to  offer  us  any  money  for  help. All  they  did  was   just  walk  away and  ignore  my  daughter  and  I.  When  people  walked  by  my  daughter, she  would   just  cry   for  hunger  and  I  had  not  even  the  slightest   food  to  survive  and   I   knew  that   if   I   didn’t    feed   my  daughter  she  would  die  by  starvation. 



One night, Amaya  asked  ‘Mommy   if   we  don’t  eat  do  we  die’.  I  told  Amaya  that  ‘we  both  were’nt   going  to  die’,  and   yet  I  knew  that  my  daughter  was  right  all  I  had  to  do  now  was  to  keep   my   guard  up  I  have  already  lost  my  husband Amon  and  my   first  daughter  Hosi  I’m  not   going  to  lose Amaya.

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