Somebody To Love

Hi my name is Jade Thirlwall. I'm from South Shields and i'm in a small girl group called Little Mix with my best friends Jesy, Perrie, and Leigh-Anne. We post covers on youtube and we have around 4.5 million subsribers and each video gets about 500 thousand views.We live together in a small flat in London. One night we decide to go to the park which is massive and more like a nature reserve. We start singing rather loud yet our vocals still sound perfect. Little did we know we were being filmed by a specific boy band who we become the opening act for! The girls meet 5SOS, One Directions other support act. The 5SOS boys are incredibly supportive of the girls. Will sparks fly or will it be a mess they wish they weren't a part of?? Read to find out!


17. The Hate.

Jades POV

it's 9:00 and were sitting on the couch watching Mean Girls. Luke, Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jesy and I spoke along with the scenes we knew. The others found it quite annoying. Then I realised Ashton wasn't here. "Hey guys where's Ash?" I ask curiously. "In his room probably" Michael says. "I'm gonna check up on him" I got up and walked to Ashton's room. I walk in to see him crying his eyes out in the corner with blood dripping from his wrist. "Ash!" I yell not loud enough for the others to hear. "What's wrong!" I say the tears running down my face. "I deserve to die" he says. "What makes you say that?!" I cried. Ashton hands me the phone and I scroll through his twitter to see a lot of hate with the hashtag #KeepCuttingAshtonYourTrash. "Oh ash" I say and hug him tight. "Please don't take notice of that" "How can I not people want me dead!" He yells. "Those people are assholes!" I yell. "I'm gonna give them what they want" Ashton says before cutting deeply across his wrist. "No!!" I scream. Ashton drops to the ground the blood running rapidly out of his wrist.....

A/N your gonna have to wait till tmro for the next update!! Will Ashton survive?? Follow me on twitter @Nandos_Carrot_X

Thanks Bye!!!! xoxo

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